Alternate universes and you!

Hey there, so I’m going to be telling everyone here how to access, work with, and communicate across universes.

First off, if you plan to start with this your first time around it would be wise to use explorer and carrier entities to help you out, without those you may have a problem navigating or bringing things across. Lake Trinity, Janus and his counterpart, The Abyss Walker, and my personal favorite, Cenonborga are good for it.

Now, as for what Alternate universes are, they can go from other lines to alternate interpretations of the lines we’re on right now. They allow you to reach from those that are the same except your sock is now red, to golden skies and silver air. From fictional universes to those never before seen by a human.

Our most “common” alternate universe entities are the shadow people, the versions of humanity so powerful and far apart from us at this point that the only way we can actually see them is as shadows.

In alternate universes also lie a variety of other versions of us from completely alien to basically us.

To contact them, you need to learn to reach across to their universes by using your own attention as a sort of bridge across the world. blank out your mind and observe everything around you without noting or labelling anything. Keep going until instead of words that you automatically read, all you see are just a bunch of black squiggles on a white background.

Once you can do that, start pushing your awareness and attention beyond the boundaries of what you perceive. Look at what’s BEHIND the words on the screen or the chair on the floor.

When everything you recognised turns into something utterly foreign and new, you’re ready to start using focused “raw” attention to push your awareness towards another universe. If you’re using this to contact an alternate universes humanity for example, intend with your attention to build a sort of bridge towards them, until you feel a sort of “click” sensation between you and them. From there you can communicate with them like any other entity from this universe, and if you want they can use you as a sort of foothold into this world to alter everything. Think Bill Cipher and Standford Pines if you want an example. Do the same thing except move yourself entirely into that universe if you want to do some Dimension Jumping. The two cups method they’re so fond of? Basically just another way to go about doing this.

As for why you would want to reach another universe? Basically any reason you can think of. You can change anything from the color of your pants to history to individual people however you want that way.

And as for why you would want to contact entities from other universes? Because oftentimes they have the ability to break this one in way’s that the more common entities could only dream of. And that’s not mentioning how quickly they can drive your evolution forwards if you reach out to the right ones. Shadow people anyone? Power lies at the edges of your perception.

Do this for awhile and you’ll notice reality breaking around you, people see you at places you’ve never been at the same time. You have memories of things you didn’t do in this reality, you can talk to alternate versions of yourself, things start moving around on their own for no reason, etc etc etc.


I decided i would try this, except with the floor, well technically a rug of sorts. I gazed at the rug, forgot what it even was and ceased to stop thinking.

The floor began to “breathe”. In other words, it was pulsating, sort of like how your lungs expand and then condense and contract when you breathe when you meditate. I then attempted to push through the floor and it became more like a heart beat. Do you have any suggestions?

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With that being said, I have a thought or rather a memory of this rainy place. Its dark. Its an alleyway of sorts and there’s this dark pulsating liquid that makes up everything. But i may have been still “here”?

Addendum: i did not have any sort of guide as this happened randomly. I was met with a resistance of sorts. Think of walking forwards while someone has their hand on your face.

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The memory thing happens alot, think of it as one of your possible options if you weren’t you.

As for the floor, if its beating and pulsing, try adjusting its rhythm, or just asking it to do something and see what happens


Will do. Things felt weird when i came to.

I was on the floor of thst world as if everything wss larger than life. I was microscopic.

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can this method also be used to travel in time?


For time travel there are better overall methods but yes. Jumping bavkwards and forwards in time a few minutes seems to be fairly common with people.

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I’d love to create a private group on this topic. Would you guys be up for it? :slight_smile:


ok and one last thing, you say fictional universes? do you mean a astral universe?

No, I mean actually being there.

wow i didn’t know that was even possible, i am definantly gonna use this

Question: would somehow obtaining information on the universe that you could not have learned from anywhere else count? For instance, how certain societies function?

I would say observe them.

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As in this universe? It’s a way to do it certainly, but not the only way to go about it. Inconclusive without other information, basically.

For other universes? Probably, I do it constantly.

Interesting thing to note if you mean getting information about groups here from other universes, the way they manifest can be wildly different and you can find interesting information on the underlying “foundation” by finding out WHY it’s different.

For example, ever wonder what it would take to make BALG a Christian site? The answer is a universe where yang energy is slightly stronger and people had more open solar plexus’, why? Because the christian god is a solar, martian god and therefore if yang energy is stronger along with a more open solar plexus meaning people were more open to that kind of influence? Christian BALG.

Of course that’s just one of the possibilities, and there’s no guarantee it would work like that in this universe, but it’s fun and sometimes horrifying to see what could have been.


So far it’s mostly memories but i feel the more practice i get the better ill be at it.

Thank you for sharing this, wish i knew how to do it sooner.

Ok so things have gotten weirder. I was going to shower and the door turned into a purple light for 2 seconds, then had a physical purple aura “follow” it as i shut it and i swore i saw the post rewrite itself with more information.

Secondly, i did it with the floor in math class and there is a realm that is in some sort of space where it is a pool with pillars. In the pool is nothing but blood. I believe this alternative realm i found in class, is connected to NORATH. at least its what keeps coming to mind. The blood also pulsates.

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I would.

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SO you have traveled through the multiverse I take it, or has it been little jumps?

If you could elaborate on the actual ¨daydreaming¨ technique and how you make a bridge id appreciate it, I was experiencing mental images and feelings as if I was in two bodies at once but no physical manifestations that I´ve seen.

Also, what entities do you recommend to help with this?