Alternate dimensions

What are your guy’s Views about the existence of alternate dimensions. And the ability to travel to one of your own choice ?

Its a topic that really interests me :slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:t3:


You mean like astral, etheric, and such?


I mean actual alternate dimensions that could have been created by us ( like tv shows/ because people who watch those and believe in it, could actually believe it into reality)

And traveling with your spirit, but actually regaining a physical body that resembles yours from your own dimension…

I Get that this could seem impossible … but is anything really impossible?.. its only impossible when u don’t know how to do it, it becomes possible when you find a way. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah well we can create pocket realms that possible, but if you mean like planes such then no. However, for pocket realms I have managed to make a few .

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What are pocket realms?

Pocket realms are small folds in a already existing realm, it’s if I had to guess based off my own experience can be the size of a large state at best and we have complete control over what it looks like, what exists in it basically by either thought or bringing what exists into it.


Thats interesting , hadn’t heard of that before

They’re not separate from the plane they are made in but they exist freely in a sense that within it the entire environment and flow of time is based on the will of the maker. It’s equivalent to our own personal mental realms except it exists outside of us. Theyre capable of being locked from random entry and so forth.


Kitsune are said to naturally be capable of making their own but anyone can really.

They’re a thing.

No she’s talking about multiverse I believe

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But i actually do believe it might be possible to travel to an alternate dimension (like i discribed before)

I mean we all learn that human minds are powerful and that we can shape our own existence… so why would that be possible, but not this.

I think its hard to do and would take a lot of searching for the right way, but i do not believe anything is actually ‘impossible’ to do.

Maybe thats stupid and naïeve of me :joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: but on this path i have learned to be more open minded and eliminated ‘ impossible’ from my mind completely


Basically I think she is talking about a parallel reality.

Are you talking about me :slightly_smiling_face:? Bc im a woman

Oh sorry

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Thats alright :slightly_smiling_face:

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And yeah i mean more like a parallel universe created by people who all believe in 1 thing

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And make it an alternate reality

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Oh, in that case I dont think humans can create parallel universes, I assume we could in the astral/mental but then it touches down on what one considers the astral in this instance.