Alternate Black Sun

I want to use the Black Sun for my workings and begin to integrate it in my craft. However, I don’t work with JudeoChristian entities (demons, angels, none of em). Its a personal policy of mine for undisclosed reasons.

For those of you that have worked with the Black Sun, confirm or deny this for me. It’s a force, an object, an idea. There are spirits that have chosen to embody this force, but it can still be worked with without its conscious entity counterpart yes? The main reason to have a entity at the focal point of the sun (arhiman, azazel, whoever) is for them to act as a guide. Can this guiding force be substituted for my godself?

Thankfully the only entities in those mythologies that stem from it are the bastardizations of them. So working with Michael and calling him Jewish/Christian is like working with some athelete that showed up in Madden and calling him a Madden character, using the games you played with them as reference for his personality in real life.

It’s like gossip or some shit, hard to determine what these people are like from a fake version of them

(Edit: Not saying you gotta work with spirits “from” the abrahamic religions to use the Black Sun, but that it’s not about them being “from” anything. I respect your decision)

The Black Sun is the sun of Death, and it’s used for an exercise of fortitude among other things; it’s a visualization; a thought form.

As far as I know it’s not tied to abrahamic religions, just read the exercises you find with it closely and alter them to your needs

Yes that’s still a concern for me though. I know these beings didn’t originate from JudeoChristian currents, but their energy on earth is tainted by it. Any time you evoke say… Azazel, you’re getting the version of Azazel that has some JudeoChristian current attached to him. I cant have that at all.

If someone was telling rumors about you being a dick, would you turn into a dick overnight? How bout in a hundred years? Self has to be forcefully altered, not passively determined by a crowd, you are the source, the STRONGEST source of your “self”, and no one can substitute it without trying HARD, not even billions of people.

Yes but it’s not that simple with spirits. Azazel is still Azazel. A planet full of the laughingstock race of humans saying Azazel isn’t Azazel doesn’t change that. It does however, change what energies surround Azazel when he comes here and is accessed by humans. Plus, he hates the JudeoChristian current with a passion. That’s an attachment to it, so he exists in it there as well in the same way that Satan is in the current. It doesnt change “him” but it changes his energy and applications.

Arguing this isn’t the point of the thread so if you disagree that’s fine and I dont care. I just need a non JudeoChristian black sun is all. I found a tidbit of info on mesoamerican black sun stuff so I’m looking there for now.

It’s like a million people cursing Azazel indirectly. Imagine 1000people constantly hating and praying against you with so much faith. If you’re powerful you survive but deflecting the energy would be hard. Plus even if you do the energy they send will still be in the ethers and can be downloaded

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I’m just gonna say that my PERSONAL experience, and me just asking the spirits, discredits both of these. Energy isn’t seperate from your bodies, sure, but when it’s so unfocused it’s just not the case

I’m going to stop here before things get dicey, I clearly wont be recieved well

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Yes exactly. The energy gets mucked up from the local perspective of Earth. Normally it doesnt matter all that much, hence why yall black mages can use them with no issues, but my craft is very delicate when it comes to murky energies.

Its alright Maxie <3

I just dont want anyone to come in here and think this is a debate thread that’s all. Different crafts allow for different outlooks, strengths and weaknesses. If what you say is true, that’s definitely a strength in your craft verses a shortcoming from mine.

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Yes, it would be possible to call on the Black Sun “itself”, as such; although there is the possibility that spirits personifying it will come (Amaymon and Liluth, male aspect of Lilith, either contend each other the title of Black Sun or are the same entity)