Altering your family tree

Is there a demon that can alter your genetics ? Like make you related to someone you want to be related to ? Or no ?

To my knowledge, no.

You would be better served hacking your body and doing it yourself.

Read Inner Alchemy by Taylor Ellwood for the how.


Ummm…Some can propably alter your genetics a little like altering the gene that gives you blue eyes into one that gives you green, but I don’t think anything can actually alter the history of your bloodline. Even less likely would be an entity willing to do so. Bringing out dormant traits that resemble ones from people you want to be related to would be easier but still pretty difficult…


I just read something that said Orobas can change your dna

I would advise against altering your family tree. That sounds like dishonoring your ancestors and that’s always a train wreck. Maybe just heal or alter your physical body.


You could also evoke your ancestors and ask them. Maybe you are already related to whoever in some way and just don’t know it.


I wouldn’t want to alter my family tree. Yes there is a lot of fuckupery (but that comes with war and dealing with royalty), but there is some really cool stuff too.


It’s complicated.
Demonic beings do alter our DNA but on a subtle level, nothing noticeable physically more of an energetic change to our DNA really.


So what’s the point ?

No, they can’t alter your DNA to match another individual, but they can modify your DNA to be heavily demonic.


That’s what we’re wondering. What is the point?


To be related to very important people from the past and maybe the present

And the purpose of this is…what? Bragging rights?


Ehhhh basically .

You wouldn’t actually be related to them bruh. If you need to do that to get bragging rights maybe you need to take a look at some things. Maybe work and earn your bragging rights instead of riding off the coat tails of other people.


I don’t mean to derail but people have been coming to this path for the wrong reason. This is about evolution. BETTERING yourself. Becoming stronger, embracing who you are and what you’re about. Getting smarter. Yes, there’s a sense of getting what you want but it’s not just about that.

Now to specifically apply that to this… You shouldn’t number one, because that’s a slap in the face to the dead and you could seriously piss off a lot of entities. Number two, if you can’t be proud of your lineage (which is part of who you are and saying that you want to change that DOES imply that to a degree) then it’s almost saying you’re not proud of yourself. Do I need to continue?


Another thing. DNA also has to do with your potential. You want that screwed up? Nope. At least I hope not.

Besides, you might reincarnate related to someone important. Another thing to think about is you die. When it comes to that, would it really matter whether you were related to Cardi B. or the Queen? No. It’s you that matters.


The introduction of someone into a bloodline is often done by adoption, initiation, and marriage. Removing someone from a bloodline, is a more difficult, though not impossible task, as is stepping outside of yours altogether.

Learn to look at blood, first. After all, it is this familial aspect which makes blood such an important inventory for your entire being. Once you have decided how you want to change, and what, you can use any number of entities which may specialize in blood(Serratel comes to mind), bloodlines(Bune/Wadjet/Buto comes to mind) or family(your own ancestors especially come to mind here).

If you want to introduce yourself into the royal bloodlines, or other as you put it, “important people” bloodlines, then that is perfectly possible, in theory. In practice, though, it’d take way more for normal people to do that, since the ancestral, and family spirits there don’t let just anyone jump into the family. And to forcibly plug yourself in, is even worse.

As stated above, you can do a lot of work on your own family, or in another family, but I’d leave the “becoming royalty” or something project for some time in the future when you have a deeper understanding of blood, enough influence over the world to even be considered a candidate, and powerful enough to do so. At which point, you won’t even need “powerful bloodlines” to “be powerful”.


This better not be about trying to be in the royal family again, you’re taking this I want to be a princess shit too far.

Stop trolling the forum with old shit at least for a while you were creative now we’re back to this.


I am the fucking Princess :joy: but for real tho :crown:

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