Altering fate

Has anyone done it? if so how? there is a ritual in Anthology of Sorcery that alters your fate. i want to change the past. can anyone guide me on this. i am afraid i screw up. Altering Fate through Dragaskan by Kurtis Joseph.

The past cannot be changed. Sorry.

That ritual is more about changing your life’s course than anything else, if I remember correctly. In other words, it changes your future, not your past.

Ahk’laht’esh, one of Azazel’s nethers is said to be able to change the past. how is that?

i want to make a small change to save my family and me from a person’s foolishness who practiced magick

Would U mind to talk about what u would like to change in the past, maybe there might be something the present can do to it?

i want to not accept someone’s friendship and not enter he drama. if i do that none the shit she put me through would have happened. she is a witch or sth and she has sent several demons to my way. brought me bad luck. vampirized me, ect.


The Book of Azazel says that Ahk’laht’esh can teach you rituals to affect the past, but it doesn’t say anything about changing specific events.

An example would be causing a supernatural occurrence in your childhood to bring you onto a magical path earlier than you did in the current timeline. That would be affecting the past, but not changing it because you would still be you.

We are made up of the events that happen to us. You change a major event, you change who you are.

Time magick is tricky and the internet is full of a lot of nonsense about it. Those who practice it, like Taylor Ellwood, say that Retroactive Magick (that’s his term for magick dealing with Time) works upon your memory of a past event, even others’ memories of an event, but not the event itself.

Always remember that something that you think is only “one small change” when looking back from your current perspective, can actually lead to complete and utter disaster going forward.

This friendship and the results you describe could have been the catalyst for bringing you here to learn magick for yourself. You remove that, and maybe you remove the desire to pursue magick.

However, this is BALG, so don’t take anyone’s word for it. Try it.


Awesome response to that. I gave you a heart but I needed to say it to you :slight_smile:


Is this related to the incident where the witch stole something from you? Or is this another incident in the past?

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I was thinking about that actually. However, I am not sure what she actually did but based on the inspirations i got after asking spirits to tell me what happened, i think she employed several demons to lower my vibration and attack my shield and it took a while for her magick to take effect and in the meanwhile the negative energies she sent my way affected my family, made my mom sick, made my sister see horific nightmare about blood body parts until it finally started to get to me and i was suffering from depression at the time and i just gave in to it. I wish i didnt have but i did. the entity was attached to me and wanted to possess me and little by little wanted to take control. it was like horor movies. i went to a healer and he took care of it and after about a couple of months i felt better. it was like i was downgraded and now i was in a neutral state. i felt EMPTY. no personality no emotion nothing. ABSALOUTLY EMPTY. I told the healer that i think she stole my soul and he said it is not possible. and your emotions are shut down because of the traumatic experience you have gone though and it will go back to normal. But IT DIDNT. i starting searching about magick and i here i am. i learned about belial and called him from an online video i found on youtube evoking him and played the video several times and wrote what i wanted on paper. i think he answered and ever since then i feel a warmness in my body and my dreams got better but my emotions are not there. i just dont feel. I dont know what to do.

What did you do with the advice given. The last words we exchanged you were going to keep me updated. That was 11 days ago.

Tell me what you’ve done since then to help yourself?

It sounds to me like you should be working with angels right now, rather than demons. In my experience, they are better at emotional healing because of their ability to bring down Divine energy and connect you with your Greater Self.


i was reading about Lilith and honestly i am afraid of it. she has a sinister side apparently and if i screw up, i have to go through this all over again. i read here that she ate one witch baby.

i have been reading books and thinking of solutions to help my situations. one option is changing the past. like change that incident when she offered me to come to her circle of friends, like prevent my self from going there. also i suspect that she feeds on souls and kill people through magick and the life force goes to her. there was another classmate of mine who was friends with her and she died. i think she have done it to other people. if i am right, and i wish i am not there are other victims and there will be other victims as well.

And lillith killing babies came from which book?

Lilith’s hatred for human babies: “Ben Sira’s story suggests that Lilith is driven to kill babies in retaliation for Adam’s mistreatment and God’s insistence on slaying 100 of her progeny daily.

Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th century AD). Lilith is often envisioned as a dangerous demon of the night, who is sexually wanton, and who steals babies in the darkness

What are you reading girl?

All that lillith killing and betraying was created by man. They knew nothing of the real lillith IMO.

Let’s not use christian fears as the basis for your walk down the left hand path or you are already defeated :frowning:

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i read it here in this forum.
so, you are saying it is a lie? Lilith has never been violent to anyone? i read people here mentioning that she is dangerous. there is even a topic about her being like dangerous.

Then all I can say is follow your instincts then and good luck :slight_smile:

@DarkestKnight say it best:

i am not christian. i have no religion but the healer i employed to help me is muslim and whatever he did worked to a degree but not quite. he didn’t stop the drainage of energy right away. it took time for the entity to leave me alone and he did sent me energy several times to raise my vibration. it took time for it to get my out of the low vibrational zone. also he told me alongside the spell or curse or whatever she did, there was another enetity around and that entity took attacked me given the lower vibration i was in. i was attacked by the curse and another wandering demon or whatever. i almost died and hospitalized. i was really lucky i didnt go insane. the healer told me you were lucky you figured that you were being attacked since most dont even realize it untill it is too late

Yes, Lilith can be dangerous, (as a matter of fact, any spirit can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing) but so can a box of matches in the hands of a child.

Lilith is nothing but strong and kind if approached respectfully and with a bit of humility. She is protective of those she favours but won’t take any crap from anyone. A lot of her “danger” comes from the obsession she has been known to cause in male magicians who primarily call upon her for Lust.

Also, you don’t have to be religious to work with angels. They will work with anyone. I regularly work with both angels and demons and I am probably the least religious person around.


I am reading about these entities. I didnt beleive in magick before but now that I have witnessed it, i believed and its like a new world and these entities are complex and have their own personalities and i have to be prepared. i cant just jump in to contact them. its true that i called belial. it was because i was desperate, but now that i read more about these entities i would have prepared myself. its true that he helped me and i am grateful for him. I was crying remembering the incident, my dreams were dark but soon after i dream and sleep better, but still not the same…
i think that you should rely on your intuition and dont trust anyone fully. the healer told me i would heal but it didnt happen and i realized there is much more to what happened to me than he would tell me and it makes me suspicious that what i feel regarding to what happened to me is true. that she actually took a part of me for herself.
now that i look back i think she uses some kind of spell for everyone she meets to spill their secrets and fears and sort of talk to her and she uses that against them somehow, very sneaky individual, no one knows really what she plans. thats the impression i got after i realized she did it. I think that she knows what i know cause i was supposed to be dead.
the healer told me he has set up a wall between me and her and she cant get to me. i dont know how thats going to help me but based on the fact that he told me i was going to be ok and feel emotions again and i didnt, i dont trust him.