Altering an enemy's memory of me, removing their confidence

Hello, I am new here. I have spent the last few days scouring the forums for the information I need but I don’t quite have it all yet.
I am going to alter the memories of someone who fucked with me for years. I also want to take away all of their self confidence in their abilities and physique.
I kind of want them to like me as well just because all that hatred is super annoying. I think it would be funny if they remembered all this other shit, hated themselves, could barely get out of bed, but really liked me too. At least that way I wouldn’t have to keep punishing them for years and years and years… just a few years. :slight_smile:

I never work with entities. I’m not against working with the select few demons whom I know/am friends with. I’ve just always thought it was rude to ask them to do something when I can do it perfectly well on my own.

I did a tarot reading asking if I should invoke Beelzebub to help me fuck up this person’s life. The cards said it would be a bad bad idea. I asked if I should invoke him just to help me in my life in general. They said bad idea… I’m sad. I thought it could finally be time for us to work together. I mean he has been stalking me / encouraging me for years. He would love it I’m sure lol.

If i need to place a physical anchor charged with my energy into their house that wont be a problem.
I have some of their hair as well.

I just discovered the amazing chaosphere today and have been reading up on it. I suppose I could use that… Maybe do the work when they are sleeping which will be easy because they are in a different time zone.

From what I have read about memory modification the timing is perfect: I have known this person for 5 years and the memories I want to change are not super recent but they are in the past 5 years.
I have been slowly but surely editing the present to coincide with what I want their memories to be.

If someone suggests I work with another demon (EA made it sound so fun!), there is one other I would consider working with but I swear he erased his name from my memory. It starts with an A i think. He used to follow me around. I would see him in strangers glances or he would take over sex partners… I kinda miss him lol. I should post a craigslist “Missed Connections” haha

I do think Beelzibub would be perfect though since he likes to play. Maybe there is another way besides evoking.

Help, please and thank you!


This thread may help you Where are memories located


If anyone can correct me, please do so. Here it goes:

I think dream work can help you. Lucid dreaming should be your first step and later you could practice dream walking. I think I have a book on the matter, I’m not sure.


I think the most effective way to go about this would be to fuck with his dreams. Inject some looping patterns based on the memories you want to change. Trap his attention and you choose where it goes. Sorry, I don’t have any methods other than intention. Be creative.

To really leave an impression, you’ll want to take advantage of repetition, novelty, and emotional reinforcement. Dreams are perfect for repeating patterns. Be sure to rage intensely and savagely, and mild every bit of novelty you can.


There may be a few reasons you should not call upon Beelzebub:

  1. Depending on who it is you are speaking about, they may be some sort of Satanist so in fact may be protected by Beelzebub. If this is the case, the situation would reverse and you would instead be attacked by Beelzebub, because one, you do not have a closer relationship to him than the other if it is possibly true.

  2. You do not have a close enough relationship with Beelzebub. He is like one of those demons you have to 100% dedicate yourself, meaning you must go to him with a very specific purpose. People do not just casually call upon him as calling upon him is more serious business.

  3. Can even include one of the reasons above… but the reason you may of gotten that answer is because those whom are enemies to Beelzebub would shit bricks if he were to come around in powerful manifestation. Rule of Advice… if you are not a Satanist and are not seriously dedicated to a very specific path that falls under Beelzebub then do not do it…BECAUSE, in daily life those whom react to DEMONS will react in different big ways. But when Beelzebub comes around it is beyond what you will experience with other demons… he is like a King of Kings sort of demon. But like I said he is not necessarily a demon you just casually call upon, as you are dealing with very heavy dark energies which may affect other areas of your life.


besides the strange spelling “Beelzibub” - Not sure if you actually talk about Belzebub there - what do you mean by “maybe another way besides Evoking” ???

As far as i know and expierienced, there are very few Vessles Hard-Bound to a Deity, and even more difficult to find a specific vessle when it Comes to going beyond Evokation into Envokation.

And as far as i’ve learned, the methods deprive basically between those:
Invocation - Calling Spirit into yourself.
Evocation - Releasing the Spirit which had been channeled /called into the sorcerer eather into a Manifestaion or a Vessle.
Envokation - Posession induced by a Spirit or Sorcerer / Witch.

Or are you meaning something else, i haven’t pictured here?



Like I said, he has been following me around for almost a decade. He tells me what to do and what not to do. I tell him he’s annoying but when he leaves me alone I always miss him lol. It’s super weird to tell people about this. It’s so private.
I am married and my tarot reading said that if I invoke him it would be 3’s a crowd, unhappiness/no contentment, miscommunication… Definitely don’t want that.

This person I am going to torture is definitely not aligned with anyone. They never believed any of this shit was real until I started cursing them and even now they thinks it’s all so bizarre and hard to imagine that they would never do a thing to protect themselves.

Why would I have to be a satanist to call upon a demon/friend for help? Satanism has nothing to do with it in my case. I just thought Beelzebub would find it fun to help me with all of my ideas :wink: I have soooo many good ones.


That was a typo, I don’t call him by his full name anyways normally. Just did it here for you guys.

You are right. Perhaps I should have gone through each scenario with the tarot: Invoking, Evoking, etc…

Yessss I love it. This idea had only started to form in my mind, glad you said it.


Was it:

Azi Dahaka

Hang on, here’s a full list:

  • Aamon/Amon (Christian demonology)
  • Abaddon/Apollyon (Christian demonology)
  • Abezethibou (Jewish demonology)
  • Abraxas (Gnosticism)
  • Abyzou (Jewish mythology)
  • Adramelech (Assyrian mythology, Christian demonology)
  • Aeshma (Zoroastrianism)
  • Agaliarept (Jewish mythology)
  • Agrat bat Mahlat (Jewish demonology)
  • Agares (Christian demonology)
  • Agiel (Jewish mythology)
  • Ahriman/Angra Mainyu (Zoroastrianism)
  • Aim/Haborym (Christian demonology)
  • Aka Manah/Akem Manah/Akoman/Akvan (Zoroastrianism)
  • Ala (Slavic mythology)
  • Alal (Chaldean mythology)
  • Alastor (Christian demonology)
  • Alloces/Allocer (Christian demonology)
  • Allu (Akkadian mythology)
  • Amaymon (Christian demonology)
  • Amdusias (Christian demonology)
  • Amy (Christian demonology)
  • Anamalech (Assyrian mythology)
  • Ancitif (Christian demonology)
  • Andhaka (Hindu mythology)
  • Andras (Christian demonology)
  • Andrealphus (Christian demonology)
  • Andromalius (Christian demonology)
  • Antichrist (Christian eschatology)
  • Anzu (Sumerian mythology)
  • Armaros (Jewish demonology)
  • Archon (Gnosticism)
  • Arunasura (Hindu mythology)
  • Asag (Sumerian demonology)
  • Asakku (Babylonian mythology)
  • Asb’el (Jewish mythology)
  • Asmodai/Asmodeus (Jewish folklore, Christian mythology, Islamic folklore)
  • Astaroth (Christian demonology)
  • Asura (Hindu mythology)
  • Azazel/Azaz’el (Jewish mythology, Islamic mythology)
  • Azi Dahaka/Dahak (Zoroastrianism)

That has information for further search if you spot the name, if you recognise them you should be able to find a sigil or icon or other imagery in Google images and that might give you the energy signature to ID them by, if the name alone doesn’t work. :thumbsup:


It’s funny - I’ve gone over the list of A-named demons multiple times hoping to find that spark of recognition since I repeated his name often, but never any avail…until yesterday I was browsing the forums and I read his name and it finally came back to me. Asmodeussssss


I do not think you understand what I am saying. You talk about evoking a high ranking demon like its an easy thing buying a cheeseburger at McDonalds greatly “cheapening” your expectation of the spirits and in a sense is somewhat insulting to them. To cut to the chase, most people who have access to Beelzebub have worked with alot of Satanic Power so that they are able to handle his power, to be strong enough to evoke him. Even in evoking him it will be more intense than evoking most other demons.

If you get some huggy feely entity calling itself Beelzebub or any other high ranking demon, then 99.99% most likely it is an impostor spirit pretending to be that demon. All I am saying is you must be properly aligned with power to work with such forces.

I also wanted to comment; you do not have to be a Satanist…but being a Satanist has nothing to do with The Church of Satan or the Hollywood idea of what a Satanist is. Being a Satanist means things like being a Pagan, but also most especially working with Demonic Energies. There is no specific rule beyond that that says what you must be to be a Satanist/Spiritual Satanist (when I say Spiritual Satanist, I am also seperating my idea from the version of JoS’s Spiritual Satanism as I keep all the political interests out of it).

You are probably right. I have no experience with invoking/evoking. I have no idea what that must feel like, how much power even exists. I’ve only ever used my own power, and I only know the side of Beelzebub he shows me, but I feel our relationship is very personal. I do get a nice feeling when he is around, he used to creep me out when I was younger but we’ve been friends for so long of course he makes me smile. I mean it’s not like I think OOO how cute!!! No, it’s more like a kind of mischievous smug smile. :smiling_imp:
Are there any other demons that can embody flies? I’m pretty sure that’s his domain only. I can’t see how he would let any other entity get away with that.
Thanks for clarifying the Satanism definition. I only knew it as the religion.

I have always found it so weird that people evoke entities that they have never met and then ask them to do shit for them. I would never do that to a person or an entity without taking a long time to build trust and a relationship. Obviously others have fine results I just can’t imagine doing it. Perhaps I need to look at it from a different perspective.

In any case, for my enemy, I suppose I will hone my astral abilities and send them endless loops of replacement memories or replacement thoughts while they sleep. I think it should take place regularly at a certain time of night for them when I can calculate their brain has likely gone into Theta frequencies. I am practicing using the chaosphere atm but I am open to other suggestions. This is definitely going to take a while.

What dogmatic nonsense, it IS that easy to summon them up because they want to be summoned.

Why? That’s what they want to do. Knowledge wishes to expand, Power wishes to act, and when you get right down to it that’s what a 'Demon" is, knowledge and power incarnate.


Ah, I see. I knew there was another way of looking at it that I wasn’t seeing. Thank you.


Summoning a demon is as easy as you want it to be, there are literally no rules, as long as you know how to do banishing, which isn’t always required either. They require nothing more than your energy and appreciation.


My thoughts exactly. If you never even attempt to evoke the entity and put it to work, how would you have even met the thing to work with it on future occasions

and theres no reason to feel you are too weak to evoke entities like beelzebub. The only real barrier to entry that ive seen is the development of your astral senses…basically how easy it is for you to hear and see spirits

oh and i really wouldnt worry about your target being a closet satanist either. Odds of that are infinitesimally small…unless you met the guy at a masonic lodge or something

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How did I meet him? Let’s say through a mutual friend. I don’t have to evoke him to see him but I don’t see him in the way that probably most others do.

As for my orginal post: Since I have not yet mastered astral travel do you think I can perform my work with my mind’s eye? That is how I normally do things - open my chakras, go to my “temple”, do my workings, raise and direct energy, etc… (All in my mind’s eye). Do you think to alter memory/whisper things to someone’s subconscious mind I might actually have to visit my victim astrally?

You obviously did not get it. Re-read my post before commenting.