Altered version of the Succubus/Incubus Letter of Intent. Will it work?

I don’t have fire and I can’t do this at 3:00 am. I am off to go complete this ritual now.

I have written my letter of intent, but I will use an alternate method. Instead of burning it, I will toss it to the wind, far away. This keeps it out of sight and leaves it’s passage to the universe, not me. The winds. I will not tear it.

I believe this is appropriate as my element is air. I do not care that someone may find it.

If this doesn’t work, I will simply find a way around this. Fire can be made with enough diligence, and I have plenty.

It will work, I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Your intent is still being put out there in the universe. Just be sure treat it the same as if you were burning it. Its just a different element. Might even go somewhere ‘cool’ or ‘special’ to dispose of it, to heighten the significance of the event in the mind for the Sub-C and Consciousness.

Modified rituals happen all the time. Its your will. In fact it might even work better since you are putting your own personal touch on it, instead of following a recipe book so to speak. Magic is highly personal and the more comfortable with it you are as a practitioner, the more you are going to get from it. Its your practice.

Though xD I am no expert on Succubus/Incubus haha


I feel it will be a valuable relationship. I’m not /x/.

Thanks for the input! You are one of my favorites, I confess.

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No judgement. xD I have heard lots of positive things about spirit relationships haha and sex magic can be quite powerful. Might be something to look into hue hue.