Altered State of Mind: Feeling drunk/high out of nowhere

Hey everyone,
So this happened twice as I can remember. The first time it lasted for days. When I look back I got this feeling that I was high back than. I did and said not so many nice things. I thought was my higher self emerging and that she was kinda bitch. Just to make clear it wasn’t just because of the things I said and did but how I felt. I felt high back than. With an altered mind.

Than it happened again some weeks ago. I felt drunk and said the wrong things to a person, not exactly bad things but not much nice either. This person won’t forgive me now and I can’t explain what happened on that day. Cause she won’t believe me. Neither I do. I’m not even completely sure if really isn’t my fault.
I felt completely drunk, light and spinning head and all, out of me. Doing and saying things on impulse. Laughing and all. Totally drunk. Altered.
Than it just passed and came back to my senses. To myself.

Now my best theory is that it was a demon or some entity that wanted me to screw up everything, like I did for whatever reason. Cause this girl was helping me so…
Or that maybe it just like do this or I don’t know. Either way when I think about it, kind felt like posession. Involuntarily posession. Or at very least some influence.

I wasn’t under any alcohol or drugs effects. Neither was I performing any rituals. It happened out of nowhere.

Does anyone had any similar experiences?
Could my theory be right? Or what could be the cause?
And how to avoid? Protection spells would be enough? I really don’t want this to happen again.


You can do protection spells to root out whether it’s a spiritual problem or not. Magickal Protection by Damon Brand has some very good ones that will prevent this. If you have it again after that, you should consider seeing a doctor.

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Eh, sobriety is a myth, we are always intoxicated by something.

That being said, do you have shields up? Are you pulling energy? My first thought is that your pulling energy from someone or something. My second thought is the things that transpired were “fate”, and that maybe you needed to feel “high” to do or say what you needed to say. Thirdly, maybe its an issue with grounding?

If this happens again and its still unwanted I would take immediate steps to do a serious grounding. Literally drain the excess energy that makes you feel this way, either outside and away from you or into the systems in your brain that you consider “sobriety”.

This sort of thing happens to me too, but it does not cause me any negative feelings.


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I mean literally sobriety. The opposite of being drunk or high by drugs. What I felt was literally. I was literally high/drunk. Not in my normal self.

Yep. At least I think so. But maybe when this happened, I wasn’t. I didn’t used to pay much attention on this.

Not consciously. I’m not sure if I know how.

How does this work? Can I do without know I’m doing?

It occurred me that maybe was a certain entity that wanted me far from her cause didn’t wanted me looking further into myself and my past lives. An entity close to me with good intentions so for speak. I’m not sure if it would apply in fate itself.

To be honest I don’t know much about grounding. It’s not something I worry often. So maybe.

Thank you, I’ll consider all this. :slight_smile: