Alter of sacrifice

Has anyone ever heard of this book @Asenath_Mason, @Lady_Eva this is side on again. I mentioned this book a while back then no one herd of it.

So you herd of it, its really heavy weight black magic, i read front to back back in may.

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That’s great. I have so many books to read, it’s on my list and seems very fine. I like his approach, but I’m not sure will I ever use that book as a tool, even it looks very promising. Maybe one day, but I work on something that is very demanding.

Here is an Asenath’s review of another of his books, maybe it can help you.

I notice way it comes over, it would be like a end up in jail with a life in prison, with all the CCTV camera government has in stall, cannot fart the wrong way.

I’ve have seen the one for sale for $1,250 USD on ebay

:slight_smile: Take it as a learning material only.
Ebay’s price is for a limited edition. Just a few copies left.
About 100 euros on, it’s available now.