Altars? How does one dismantle an altar without repercussions?

A few months ago I had a friend dress petition candles to Ganesha and one to Lakshmi on my behalf. She instructed me to set up an altar for each of them with the appropriate gifts. I did. I’m sure both of these forces are powerful and work well for others but I never felt connected nor do I feel my petition was “heard” so now that the candles and petitions have been properly disposed of, I have altars taking up space.
How might I remove and dispose of the offerings (food/water/jewelry) without harm to me or anyone else?


P.S. to this…I can’t ask my friend as she will be deeply offended and feel I’m insinuating her magick did not work.

It didnt work because you weren’t serious friend.
Maybe you should try believing wholeheartedly next time. As for the altar, do the LBRP and with intent and honor, clean the space and be respectful when removing the entities image, sigils, etc.

I encourage you to try again though :wink: the spirits know who’s bullshitting and who isnt.

Once you send Hindu Gods back to their abode, you can simply pick up all organic items and throw it in a river, or any place in your yard to decompose. Best never to jump over it or place it in an area where it’ll get kicked about.


Five years ago my husband decided to move to an ashram in India which caused great upheaval and damage to my life financially and emotionally. I believe the anger I have over his decision and the ensuing problems were a definite block between Ganesha and Lakshmi. Until I rid myself of the anger, I don’t think I’ll be able to connect with Eastern Deities but I do have great respect for them.

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There’s a method using counter-clockwise gestures to break the link in this thread:

Agree on disposing of the organic items, anything like images and statues, or incense burners etc., you could probably donate to a thrift store so someone who is looking will find them.