What do you think? What sort of impression/vibe does it give off? Who can you see in the picture? What should I improve? I’m still a newbie. This is my self-love ritual, I offer the water and moon goddesses and the water spirits honey water because I can’t buy alcohol because of age restrictions. I also add love herbs in the white tea light candle but now I’m considering to buy long soy candles instead so I can bury them and not harm the environment. It’s nothing fancy I just used a star fish tea light holder and mermaid ring holder from poundland on clearance sale. And I brought seashells from the beach including major arcana moon card. I will also buy some mermaid statues and altar cloth. And I charged my moonstone, rose quartz bracelets too. :blush:


It feels like the ocean but the ocean that is surrounding you with love and warmth.

Its very pretty and simple. And thats really all you need. Keeping things simple and to the point can be very beneficial.

I really like it. I get a peaceful feeling looking at it.



I agree with @Eye_of_Ra. Very simple and peaceful :slight_smile: