Altar Upgrade

So I reworked my “Consecrating the Altar” ritual. The second time around was a lot smoother and I could also feel the power throughout.

Here is a step by step to my upgraded altar

A loabour of love :heart_eyes::metal:


Wow. That is very nice. Love the alter cloth and the crystal set up. :grinning:

Thank you…I will invoke Lucifer later this evening and ask his opinion of his new altar

What prompted the change, if you don’t mind me asking…? Nevermind I just re-read.

Initially my altar had not been consecrated and therefore was not charged with dark magick. I wanted to consecrate it on the New Moon as it symbolizes fresh starts. I rusehd the first ritual and it didn’t feel right after the ritual was complete as I had missed things out. The second ritual was done to the letter and felt right and more powerful especially in the “Resurrecting the Altar” part of the ritual


putting the wok. Nice