Altar to oneself (a working thread with updates)

Some time ago i saw a video on youtube(idk if i am allowed to link it) that described a game changer for self deification/building the light or the darkness body. Good thing about this is it will work 24/7 aslong as the candle is burning.

Basically you build yourself a small altar with:

  1. A picture of you preferably in white
  2. One candle also preferably in white
  3. A piece of silver ( or a different metal, the metal in this case decides what kind of light you will receive)
  4. A sacrifcial bowl ( you will sacrifice to yourself)
  5. some blood to put on everything i listed till now to connect it to you. (spit or hair is also possible, pure energy aswell but wont last as long as blood will, yes u will need to reapply blood every few months)
  6. Something called Ancestor money (in some traditions they sacrifice this to their ancestors in order to help them in the afterlife)

I believe in the creators patreon there is more useful stuff like this but i will try building a altar like this , instead of silver i will take the godstar amulet i bought of this page.

Anyways i will test this and will document my experience in this thread


I’ve thought of doing something like this myself, and have heard of others doing it. Never got around to it though.

I have ideas on the back burner for it though.


i believe its a very advanced technique actually and i believe it to be very useful but i am still setting it up lets see how it goes

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Day 1:

I set it all up lit the candle and since my entire body feels energized and continues to be energized.

I also sacrificed a dragons blood incense stick to myself i feel very cleansed a pleasent bc of it

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Wtf howd u give urself an altar​:thinking::thinking:


i mean i just described it, set it up with a picture of yourself a candle that metal, in my case a amulet a offering bowl link it all with your own blood.

Then offer to yourself, through the bowl and make sure the candle is on so you channel the energy associated with the amulet to yourself.

In my case its the godstar amulet which has the combined power of the 9 demonic gatekeepers so i am channeling their energies or their darkness onto me. Offering myself various things also is rly nice

never had something like this where i felt the effect of a spell without pause for multiple hours. This definitly is power af.

I actually plan to add crystals to enhace the power or other objects


Which crystals🤔 i suggest moldavite

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Honestly you could make an altar to anything you wanted to elevate and show appreciation to in life.

A job, a relationship etc. if the intention is to give it a place of reverence and love in your heart and mind.

Considering we see/seek so much info on the higher guardian angel; the higher self, the godself etc- this seems like a natural progression for some who want to deepen those connections but may not be real sure how to get started.

Evidence (Damon Brand’s new Holy Guardian Angel book and its research) has shown that for those particular entities that the action does not matter at all- what matters is you intend to make a connection.

There’s all sort of suggested ways to use the protocols too, very mundane actions but this is something I feel like this just fits- if that’s what you’re trying to do.

I’ll be curious to see how it turns out for everyone. I’ve used my own sigil for magical works/ritual/called upon my own self for them so I believe it will be an interesting working.

Side note: an altar doesn’t equate worship. Honor and devotion are different. (In my world! Of course! :rofl:)


Day 2 and i can already say that there is great change within me and my consciousness.

Sometimes i am able to stay conscious of my breath for the entire day and today is such a day. It happened naturally my bodily and mental awareness is also way above what it was before.

I have yet to light the candle for today and i got the idea to use multiple candles at a time maybe even sigils of different entities to channel their energy into me aswell. A kind of automated invocation

Also maybe use different candle colours i thought of violet and white as a combination.


Yes it does not equate to worship many ppl think thats the case id rather say it can be done out of gratitude or to honor someone. In this case i am doing it to ascend


Same i never believed in worshipping
I only thing i believe i payments after and before work