Altar of a living person

Hello, what would happen if you made an altar for a living person (with pictures of the living person, stuff that reminds you of them or represent them etc) ? Could you use that for magick? Just wondering what would be the purpose. And would that draw this person to you?

Yes. Depends on what kind of magick you practice. Why you doing love spells or something?

I did that when I was much younger and mad for this guy, and honestly I would seriously advise against it, it fucks with your sanity big time and creates an association between that person and your archetypes of godhood, all sorts of stuff.

Also, if that person is less developed than you spiritually in some way, you’re kind of placing yourself in his “downstream” by elevating him which could potentially contaminate you, your life and energy, which is a difficult thing to explain because we don’t really have words for these things.

It’s like, if God (including your own innate divinity) was the Sun, and the forms and our own personalities are like stained glass windows illuminated by that Sun, if his “window” is murkier and less pleasant than yours, you’re blocking your own light even more by elevating him, because almost no humans are worthy of worship due to being a bunch of idiots. :slight_smile:

(And the only thing worthy of worship in any human is their innate godhood, which most don’t even know they have, let alone shine forth.)