Altar Ideas

One of my “static” goals is financial success. It occurred to me to make a “good juju altar” for lack of a better name, to draw in money, healing, success, love and just general positivity for workings related to that specifically.

For stones i was thinking: Citrine, for positivity, solar energy, vitality and success. Selenite, for higher vibrations. Pyrite, for financial success, protection and higher vibrations. Jade for financial success. Clear quartz to amplify the energy of the altar. Black tourmaline to convert negative energy into positive energy.

Deities and spirits I’m not too sure on outside of Ganesha and Shiva. Definitely Buné, she will be on there. Possibly Morrigan.

Anyways, I was looking for some suggestions from you all and also different ideas for different altars that are built for different goals.

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I think Astaroth is a very potent God for wealth, charisma and leading positions. Lots of covens and Altars are under her protection.

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