Altar for Lucifer and Azazel

Hail Lucifer and Azazel,

I am so so grateful that Lucifer came into my life first and Introduced me on the path of the left hand path. This amazing God is so dear to me, I could go to war for him if I had to. He’s changed my life for better and greatness in less than 9 months and He asked me to bring Azazel in to work with me in other areas of my life that I neded to work on. Hail lucifer, Hail Azazel :sunny:️!
It’s such an amazing experience and feeling to have you both in my life, to work with you constantly, to rise higher to my godhood daily and for guiding me towards greatness.
This is an altar I have in my apartment for them, best sacred spot to be in, their energy is so amazing, full of love, full of insight and everything awesome :sun_with_face:
I am forever grateful for ancient Gods​:fire::fire::fire:

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