Alright, what do these vibrations mean (clairaudience)

I could have asked this on my clairaudients bootcamp thread but I feel like this is an entirely separate issue talking about the nature of vibrations themselves. I noticed that different pitches have higher or lower vibrations. For instance oh, when I was doing a manifestation that I considered relatively powerful I felt an unbelievably high pitched vibration, or heard it rather.

what does that even mean? Does that mean I was doing good? Is that standard? What do different pitches even mean? I’m not even sure how it would go until looking this up in the search bar.

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I sure know how to make boring topics :V

Hi, I’m not too acquainted with clairaudience, but I was just checking to see if you knew about ear rumbling.

A part of the human population can voluntarily control the tensor tympani, a muscle within the ear. Contracting this muscle produces vibration and sound. The sound is usually described as a rumbling sound>

Perhaps you stumbled about this if you meditated hard enough and accidentally made your ears rumble.
As someone who can do it myself, sometimes the vibration can sound high pitched.

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I believe you are hearing the energy you are working with. When I get this pitch it usually comes with vibration in my chakras, feeling the skin cells vibrating, tasting metallic taste, and sometimes head pressure!

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It’s definitely not ear rumbling. I’ve been able to do that since I was a child and it’s really not anywhere near ear rumbling. You kind of have to understand clairaudience and the otherworldly frequencies you here under it to even give me an answer to my question. Because it’s like otherworldly music, not rumbling

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Thank you!