Alright, I will try a journal. Katy's Journal here(dream journal and magic practice journal)

I always sucked for journals, so let’s see what happens. How far I go haha

I’m not sure how it works here, I just write a post as the first entry of my journal and than I post as a comment every new entry, right?!

Anyways, I will begin telling a few dreams I had long time ago, it will be summarize, cause I don’t remember much, just the overall of it. Than I tell in more details the dreams I have recently.

In one dream I was in a camp house with my family and other people that in the dream I knew but in real life I don’t. There was a little girl with a baby(notice that this will repeat) and others. At first was normal dream, I was playing video game with my brother, than I went to kitchen and through the window it was all apocalyptical like, I don’t remember how it was, but I remember telling my friend that was apocalyptical. And from the earth creatures, humanoids, made of a black oil thing, started to emerge from. I think the trees was all burned out or something. And there was this big tree or something, or one of them, but big, I don’t remember, that pointed at me and said “you must see” than I woke up. Later I dream again with those creatures, except this time they had captured me and my friend. I don’t remember anything else from this one, just that we were captured not killed cause they wanted something from us.

In another dream, a weird one, Lucifer was missing and I was after him, he had been captured by some people. Later or before in the same dream, I was captured with him and we were after a baby, to protect this baby, I think this baby was child of a woman and this woman have other two woman working with her, they were also after the baby, one of them was young, the other mid age woman and the other an old lady(Yeah, I noticed, the tree face goddess aspect on this, maid, mother and ancient). There was another woman, I think that those women worked for her, I don’t remember much, who was bad and who wasn’t, all I know is that this baby was important for me and for Lucifer. No, it was not our child or anything like this lol was something else.

In another dream. My friend who also practices magic and has a connection with Lucifer, was a child, around 7 years old, she had powers, people in town feared her, Lucifer and I, at least I think it was Lucifer, we did everything to protect her, funny thing, he didn’t like me, he only “let” me come cause my friend said she wouldn’t go with him without me. I don’t remember the rest. But I remember telling my friend at time that we went through hell to keep her safe.

In another dream, recurrent, I would always go to a shop ask for something to a woman, she would always refuse, until one day she gave it to me, it was a key, I remember thinking in the dream, I must hurry before I wake up, so I went to this place in woods, it was a sacred place with seven trees in a circle, and fire around them protecting them, keep all out, in the trees there were holes on it, I don’t remember much, but I think the key was meant to those trees.

I think those are my old dreams that mostly intrigued me. Never was able to understood them. Any comment about what could they possible mean would be appreciated.

This is it for now.