Alpha Without A Pack

I’m a leader, believe it or not. It’s not in my nature to follow.

Before I left school, back when I actually had a group of friends, I was the alpha.

Not in the sense that they looked to me to make decisions for the group, but I was the “wise” one. They all came to me with their problems, asking for advice. I was the one who kept everyone in line, who talked some sense into them when they were on the verge of doing something they’d regret.

I knew them better than most knew themselves.

They also knew that I would be the first person to fight for them. To back them up, make sure nothing bad happened to them even if it meant getting hurt myself.

Over the last few years I haven’t had friends, at least not like that. There are the odd few that I hang out with every now and then, but that’s just it. I don’t have a GROUP of friends. The friends I have each have their own group of friends.

I describe myself as an alpha without a pack, but that’s not entirely true…

I still have people who look to me for guidance, people who know I’ll be there to fight for them.

My family. My brothers… Sisters… Cousins…

They’re my pack.

What I didn’t realize is that I’ve been leading by example this entire time.

Because of me, everything has been plunged into chaos.

Now I need to fix it, starting with setting a better example.

So what’re you going to do?

[quote=“Sevarn304, post:2, topic:2915”]So what’re you going to do?[/quote]I’m gonna pay the price for my mistake. I’m going back to high school next fall, regardless of what people have to say.

I’m gonna start being a real leader again.

Starting with setting a better example.

And how will you accomplish this? Magic?

[quote=“Sevarn304, post:4, topic:2915”]And how will you accomplish this? Magic?[/quote]No. With my own will power. I did it once before, I can do it again. I didn’t have magic on my side last time, and I’m not entirely sure I do this time either.

If I do, great. If not, I’ll still do it somehow. I don’t know how, but I will.

I truly wish you all the best, and ask you to respectfully remember that this forum is by magicians, for magicians, and about magick.

The point at which this isn’t relevant to what you’re posting about is the point where you might do better posting elsewhere.

So…then why did you post this? If it is not about magic…then this is the wrong forum.

Dear Diary,

Today I learned about forum etiquette…and that bears can get college degrees.

[quote="-TWF-, post:8, topic:2915"]Dear Diary,

Today I learned about forum etiquette…and that bears can get college degrees.[/quote]
I just noticed that link name and it is hilarious.

[quote="-TWF-, post:8, topic:2915"]Dear Diary,

Today I learned about forum etiquette…and that bears can get college degrees.[/quote]

But wait I don’t think bears travel in packs, so would he be the alpha he’s a bear?

Anyway Mr Dredd has gotta be the most magically bipolar person I’ve ever seen first he wants to get everything done with magic and no physical action and now everything is hard work and guts with no magic involved.

But really it’ll work best if you combine magic and hard work and guts. Here you can pretend you are Noriko who is the master of hard work and guts, and I think her robot is magic because it doesn’t obey the laws of physics as we know it.

Maybe I should stick with the pony jokes, no one else has probably even seen Gunbuster here, but yes good luck with your hard work and guts and try to work some magic in there too.