After the needleleaf forest

Just before the frozen tundra

Clearly temperate morning mist

Ice and snow melting shrouded peaks

Droplets suspended ; at most, less

A boundary erected gift

Stones colored with blood , ruby’s kiss

No theory or system ; sight quick

Hunters by night , yet day burns skin

The law of the wild : strength will win

Executed upon first sight

Numbers the game outnumbered lights

Trickery on the hill ; fair game

Pitfalls underneath corpses near

Marching over all their bodies

All I see is endless slaughter

Generals who cannot shed tears

Immune to the thought of healing

Children fell not resurrecting

Wailing in the wind , here present

A heartbeat failing, blood slowing

Red or blue blood oxidation

Electrons not even known then

Afflicted in the mind by doubt

Encouraged by cruelty loud

Tormented by whisphering hounds

Beset and cursed six fingers shown

Extra toes or just not enough

Sons only bred for destruction

Harmed in the womb ; punishment grows

Scourge and a plague no soul one oath

Malediction one brother sold


@Alone :heart:

That was really good and I really enjoyed reading it. Your words were well chosen to the point where I could actually see what you had written so clearly in my mind’s eye.

I love to write a lot myself too but haven’t started a journal on here just yet. I’ve written a bit on Kali & Hekate on the Dark Goddesses journal if your into that on here?

Keep up the great work!



Thanks, is very deep English for me, I can’t understand it all, but the title make me feel like I read my name…Because i always feel I am alone…