Almost everything I evoke is outright hostile

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As the title says, that happens. And keeps happening. Part is through evokation, part is through invocation, but proves to be a tad bit counterproductive to the point that I have to blackmail spirits into service (breaking of sigils, sigil-inna-box, etc…) , not to mention that offering a reward after coercing them seems to add insult to injury.

I try to make them come in peace, devoting some time before the evokation/invocation to study and harmonize with the spirit by reading information about them, gazing their sigils and such, and my methods of protection are merely based on sigils and the usual (Solomonic ring, Watchtowers, etc…). My tone has aways been respectful, if impatient.

Their reaction is usally outright hostility or silent awkwardness. At points the express some sort of disaspointment at being called upon by me.

A non-exhaustive list of entities being quite offended for unspecified reasons:

Hécate. Even afet recommending her to a friend.

Baron Samedi. Even after offerings and a period of somewhat friendliness.




Every god damn elemental king.

Every angelic entity that I’ve tried so far.

Olimpic spirit Aratron (not hostile, but patent disapointment).

Only spirits to show cooperation and not trying to murder me in my sleep with the usual spirit shenanigans: Pazuzu and Big C (Choronzon, he’s been quite a teacher).

Any ideas on why they are so irate? Divination has only served to determine “ancient enemity” of sorts that doesn’t clear up.

Has this happened to you? Please do share.

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are you sure they’re not parasites?they can disguise themselves as an entity(demonic or angelic).if you’re sure that these are the original ones,then it’s the first time i hear something like this.i have weird symptoms during any contact with entities but your problem is even more odd.
try to get a reading from another member to see if the readings match.

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I thought of ti for some time seeing how my house is next to an underground stream that goes into the sea, that maybe spiris of the deceased (long story of murders/fatal accidents in my zone) could be pulling pranks on me, but these results kept repeating even after I left that dwelling.

Sadly, I am back, and have to live in it for some time until I find a better place. A sensitive friend attempted to get answers and he was met with silence though.

Thank you.

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do a house cleaning and a ritual bath for your self.

also LBRP.what else?or maybe a calling to st michael him self?

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Very weird. I second cleansing. Cleanse your house, yourself, all ritual tools, get rid of any sigils you used during the evocations. Then try again.

Don’t forget that your own emotions and fears can cause problems too. If you initially had some bad experiences, your expectations can shift and affect how spirits manifest themselves to you.

Also keep in mind that they are on a different wavelength than us, for lack of a better term. Sometimes their presence just make us uneasy. I actually experienced this with the demon Eurynomous. He was one of my first demonic teachers, and very much like a father figure to me. Unfortunately whenever he was evoked/invoked and his presence was pulled into my temple, I was filled with fear. I didn’t understand the discrepancy in the relationship until I realized the fact that he was a death demon was freaking out my subconscious survival instincts, despite the fact he never meant me any harm. Apparently I don’t do well with death energy.

Have you tried evoking spirits specifically known for their benevolence? Archangels, or Buer or Oorbas if you’d prefer a demon? Even if they appear to be hostile to you, they would probably be willing to explain what’s exactly is going on.

Edit: Nevermind, just reread and saw that you had no luck with angels, but you had some success with demons. Why don’t you ask one of them what’s up?

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If you can get spirits like Hecate but even worse Mepsitahl to come in with hostility something is definitely wrong, not to mention having issues with Angels who most believe are incapable of such a base emotion. Cleansing is good, but something tells me you need to dig deep into yourself and figure out if something isn’t sabotaging your work. How much of these evocations are actually channeling?

Thank you for your support.

I have done, previously, all which you had suggested and cleansed the Temple against outside interference and tried to evoke with open arms but you know what has happened.

As Blacklamb suggested, no, I knew fully that their presence might cause conflicting emotions and such, but the hostility I meant was based on actual attacks. Hecate agreed seemingly annoyed to the things I was talking (merely recommended her to a friend, and I was speaking to her about that friend), and when she was gone? Bam! Female fingers in my right eye socket trying to pull my eye out. And she went for the good one!

Michael for some bullshit reason tried to run me through with a spear. He didn’t show emotion other than determination to do it. I have since renounced his help in rituals, cannot trust the guy.
The others have reacted in a panicked way, or just showed visible disappointment or indifference (Gabriel and Raphael, of which the latter never fulfilled his end of the deal).

Sirchade, Bael and Mepsitahl gave verbal refusal to help even before I could word out my petition. They said something along the lines of “not with you”. Bael gave off the mental impression that he had been expecting a lavish celebration in his name before I could deal with him (saw images of tall statues, fire and people dancing around disorderly in drunken celebration. Yeah, like I would be able to pull that one in the middle of a highly catholic community, lol).

Baron Samedi behaved well and cooperatively for a time, and then engaged in a battle of wills because “I had done this to her” (referring to someone else, not him, but not specifying who this person is). Then he threatened with digging up a grave for a family member, called him a cheating asshole and sent him away.

To this day I do not question why or how I was able to push a Loa away, just glad that I did. Maybe I got really lucky, or maybe the rum I had been offering was so bad we actually had the esoteric equivalent of a domestic fight, dunno. Maybe he just played all this part to test my determination to work with him, maybe he had a bad day at the Loa office, I don’t know. All I know is I stopped having interest in him and his kin.

Will keep on trying though. Thank you for your support once again.

Sounds horrible, yet at the same time rather exciting haha. Don’t be too put off by harsh lessons, I’ve had a dream after a recent evocation in which a certain spirit grabbed my by the balls, squeezing to the extent that I thought they would explode in a not at all sexual way, all the while keeping me in paralysis and staring me deeply in the eyes. When I woke up I received a very clear message and I understood perfectly the nature of the assault (and the fact that dreams can cause mini-trauma without us feeling truly molested on a physical level). After that she agreed below the waist was off limits henceforth and we had a good laugh over it while I drank some wine :wink:

My advice to you would be two-fold. First, don’t quit. There’s a reason to the madness you’re experiencing, if there wasn’t everyone wouldn’t be in on it. Once you figure it out you’ll be happy that you stuck with it (which will be very empowering).

Second, choose one spirit and work with that spirit intimately for at least a few sessions (five comes to mind), regardless of how negative you perceive the experience. My advice would be Hecate, if you call on her after she made it clear you were not to her liking it will grant you respect and some leeway. Any of the spirits that rejected you will do though. Waste no time and inquire in great detail why all spirits reject you. As I think you are channeling more than performing a classical evocation watch your mind when you receive answers. Watch where it resists or tries to push anwers into a certain direction, and more importantly, take care that it does not twist the message entirely. If you truly wish to connect to a spirit for personal growth, I can confirm that from your list Mepistahl, Hecate and Michael will help you out 100%. The others I have no experience with. Good luck, and do share the result of your next attempt :wink:

Also if you would like a hint… “Baron Samedi behaved well and cooperatively for a time”. You’re summoning spirits that expect you to behave properly for it is you that need their help. Just an idea.

Well of course! After all, they are Loa (and in some other spirit cases, they were worshiped as gods and surely expect some deferential treatment). The problem is I did nothing wrong, maybe perhaps skip an offering day, but nothing to warrant that much abuse.

The original purpose of working with him was because I had seen him in certain dreams, and received visions of him smiling with an inviting face, asking basically for an offering to bridge the worlds. I didn’t ask anything in return, just felt that something important was at hand and that I should comply.

The strangest of parts was that, well, what the heck could he want from me? Never specified, and besides, I am a man. I would have understood his “genuine” interest if I had boobs.

I’ve never offered anything other than my own energy, vampirized energy from others, and smoking tobacco in the entities name and I’ve never had any of these problems…

Lucifer told me he’s been waiting for me, same with Zagan, Bael likes me, Purson continues to work wonders in my life, Beleth as well

I just can’t imagine them being so adverse to somebody - maybe you were a priest who had a lot of animosity towards them in another life or something - to spirits in general?

i think you need help from any experienced members here.don’t hesitate to ask for.i’m not one of them so i can’t help you.i did a reading about you and it wasn’t showed me that you’re in the edge of getting seriously if archangel michael wanted to attack you then either you have a major problem or you dealing only with parasites and not the spirits you’re calling.

[quote=“dron, post:13, topic:3720”]@333
you’re in the edge of getting seriously damaged[/quote]

Thank you so much dron, and you’re totally right. To serve as a proof that your predictions are good:

  1. Had my astrology chart done for this year and between my upcoming birthday and the next one I have a serious risk of death/injury by: (Uranus tearing shit up) explosion, sudden violence or esoteric failure.

That is why this year I am keeping the big things out of the question. Just training scrying and healing, raising wards and sigils around the home and such.

On a side note, the chart more or less said that the imminent risk could start from myself. Considering that I live in a place that has gotten pretty wild lately I am trying to keep a cool and humble head not to incite any fights and such. I feel that injury isn’t the closest thing I should worry, but the consequences of roughing the wrong person up (either prison time or revenge).

  1. About three months ago some people began systematically robbing money exchange offices, no matter how big or small, by simply shooting the place up with no further explanation. Not even a word of “this is a robbery”, just walk in there and shoot everyone up before bothering with the money.

At first we thought that their violence was somewhat justified, that maybe they had hit a place out of some past grievance with the owner, but then it began spreading around.

And it is quite counterproductive don’t you think? What use is there in killing the owner if you can’t get him to open the safe first and have to console with the money in the till? Well they are simply retarded as that.

One dude, who is the money courier of his boss, was shot in the legs with no exchange of words. Other man? Robber came in the office and emptied a whole magazine in his direction as he approached (thankfully enough he caught only one bullet, which grazed his shoulder). Both times the robbers wore no mask, exited the place like it was no one’s business, and on one occasion, he got away by TAKING A TAXI and giving his HOME ADRESS.

Our local police? Dumbfounded as always. Completely useless. Their incompetence is such that one time it took them 4 hours to retrieve a drunk dumbfuck who had jumped off his balcony into the ground floor’s gardens. Four hours to understand that they could have knocked on the owner’s door and that he ought to let them pick up the fool.

So yeah, you are totally right dron. I am tempted in making a home-made flamethrower, but Uranus’ explosive influence could warrant a malfunction in the future. In the end I might just buy a gun from a gypsy, dunno, for now I sigilize every day.

I was wondering that myself to be honest.

I’ve posted stuff on here before about how Joe Ordinary can sometimes have spirit guardians from pacts or whatever dating back several lives ago, or ancestral inheritances that go way beyond what they would imagine is even possible, and yours seems like a reverse case 333. I don’t want to muddy the waters or send you off on a wild goose chase, so try the cleansing stuff first, but then if there’s still a problem it might be worth thinking about this possibility.

Question: did you evoke or contact Raphael? Was he hostile?

As Illustrious and Lady Eva put it, evidence shows that. Perhaps I was some zealous religious figure, but come on, like spirits would care that much. Yet, on the other hand, from what I gathered through past-life regressions, in one life I lived in the Middle East as a grave robber and either cultist or practitioner of the Arts.

All I remember is that I lived in a cave system with thieves, criminals and strange men who wore black robes and sacrificed people to dark gods. Maybe I managed to piss off every entity available by being a dick to the deceased/ripping people open on a slab? Don’t know, I know that if that were the truth, I wouldn’t be against bloodletting for magickal purposes (if you threaten me I have no qualms, but to feed an entity no matter how helpful it is, I find it wrong for some reason).

But as Lady Eva suggested, maybe I have some long standing pact with an entity who frowns upon the vast majority of the other available spirits. From experience it seems that I work easier with Middle Eastern entities, or at least don’t receive insta-bullshit like with the others.

As fo Rapahel, when I contacted him he didn’t seem hostile but more like disappointed. I asked for the healing of a family member and his tone seemed so weak, so despondent… Like you’re talking to some starlet who thinks himself a diva who is unable to put out the slightest of efforts, the kind of person you see and instantly think “this guy cannot even wake up on time how lazy he is”.

He agreed on doing this healing and then bailed out. Haven’t tried to contact him afterwards, just made some hostile spells against his presence so he could never again be present around me.

And yes, it was an invokation, not evokation. Conversation held my meditation and receiving visions.

Little bit of an update:

Apparently after I wrote these posts someone must’ve heard my protest. I had this urge to pronounce out loud certain Goetic entities names but instead I wrote them down: Valefor, Malphas and Marbas, among two others I am trying to figure out what they want.

Marbas was very helpful with a friend who had entered a coma a few days ago. While he was not able to heal him, it was so because my friend’s time was up anyhow, and better that way lest he had awakened brain damaged.
Despite that I asked Marbas to guide his soul since I had percieved my friend lost, eyeless and draped in rags.

After that my friend and I tried to converse, I wished him a good afterlife, and after Marbas’ intervention, he was no longer eyeless or in a pitiful state. This happened all through trance.

I am currently looking for a good reward, for Marbas. I have a rough idea about what would please him.

And as for the general spirit hostility, Big C (Choronzon) answered that I well knew the answer already. Apparently it is a mixture between apprehension, fear, and in some strange way enemity that spans before I was incarnated. At least that is the general feeling I get.

Thanks for your help everybody! I’ll report what else happens.

You mentioned casting a spell to keep Raphael away from you forever.
Have you done this with any of the other entities?
Particularly the first few you evoked?

Are you able to see these entities and question them if they are who they claim they are?

If the first time a spirit was hostile towards you and you placed a spell to keep them away that might be the reason no one else wants to work with you.

Just a thought.

I’ll do a reading on this here in a little bit after I’m finished with the ones I’m already obligated to.

As Illustrious and Lady Eva put it, evidence shows that. Perhaps I was some zealous religious figure, but come on, like spirits would care that much. Yet, on the other hand, from what I gathered through past-life regressions, in one life I lived in the Middle East as a grave robber and either cultist or practitioner of the Arts.[/quote]

You wouldn’t think so, but according to information I have received the reason why some of my spirit buddies are haunting sunas and eventually plan to kill him is because he was a dick to some indeviduals in their kingdom in a previous life. Their pretty serious about this to the point that they protect him from anyone/anything else that may want to take him out just so that they can do so themselves. Granted some of that may be practical too as apparently he plays a part in some occult stuff I was doing and it might fuck stuff up if the wrong thing got him.

In your case I don’t think this is whats going on given that it isn’t just one spirit kingdom your dealing with.

Thank you for your wisdom man. But who is this “sunas” you talk about?