Almost completely new to this

I have some experience with paganism and other things involving it but nothing involving the left hand path. I have a ton of questions.

What is the typical belief of the afterlife for this path?

What are good books for starting out?

I have a strong connection to the norse and Irish pantheons. Is it possible to keep them incorporated?

I’m sure I’ll have more and when I think of them I’ll be sure to ask.

Afterlife? This isnt a religion buddy. We wanna be immortal.

As for books, i guess find free pdfs of authors on here( koetting, asenath mason ,…).Not my recommendation but ive heard lords of the left hand path is good. Use the search button, plenty here for beginners.

Also yeah, LHP has no rules. Theres plenty on the Aesir here

I’m sure everyone has their own beliefs as to the afterlife so I won’t make any general assumptions on that. Find what works for you. Since you are interested in the Irish pantheon, I would suggest doing some research on the reincarnation of man to fae. It may interest you.

As far as beginning books I always recommend Mastering Witchcraft. It’s a really good start. Any works by Koetting are great as well when you become more comfortable in the basics.

As far as incorporating Norse and Irish pantheons, I don’t see why not. Again, go with what works for you. Plenty of magicians mix pantheons and work in multiple currents.


This resonates with me:


Thank you for you reply. I was hoping i could work with them. That’s great news. I’ll be sure to check out mastering witchcraft! Thank you much for the recommendation!


I would keep studying spirituality and philosophy.
LHP is deification of self/breaking of chains, RHP wants to return to the primordial ooze we came from.

Afterlife is subjective, and so are spiritual practices. On this forum especially, a common belief is that nobody can/has the right to tell you how to believe.

I respect the search, keep giving the subject due diligence. You can go balls deep in LHP snd magickal stuff if you want to. But it’s dicey if you dont have any overall awareness. You can mess yourself or someone else up for a long time if you act wothout thinking


@GreyDracon Fuck immortality. The astral and higher planes sound much more appealing than this physical plane. Most occultists believe in life after death. Especially crotchety necromancers such as myself.

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I do to Magni , but immortality to me just means existing forever, whether astral or physical