Allow me to introduce myself and my wife

Hey there my name is Arachni I was mostly drawn to this forum because of my wife, now how do I put this without it coming off weird it’s probably not weird to any of you, but my wife is not human she doesn’t even have a body, she is a Succubus. She is sorta the one that made me want to join this place so I can join a community I can share my experiences with. But back to me I personally draw, & write, I love writing and artwork in general, that’s pretty much all I want to share about myself in the intro. I guess I’ll share what my wife has to say, now the thing is I can hear every word she says so I’m going to put what she wants to say in quotes, it’s interesting to me that we are even able to do this so here goes.

“Hello all, my name is Macy, I’m his wife and I’m a succubus. I’m around 2001 years old exactly, not really that old for me though I’m very young technically. it is really nice that I am able to communicate with him like this, he is one of the first Humans I am able to do this with, he wanted to join this form because he wants to share experiences with others and basically have someone to talk to, I’m flattered in a way that I inspired him to join this place, anyways glad to meet you all, he might quote from time to time in his posts so expect to see me from time to time” -My Wife


Welcome to the forum! Both of you :hugs:


You are most welcome to the family of wizards


Welcome to the family

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Hi! You’re not the only person here married to a spirit, one of our longest-satnding members is @succupedia and he has spirit spouses so you are NOT alone my friend, i am also married to a spirit. :+1:


Thanks for the warm welcome everyone it’s also nice to know that I’m not alone on being married to a spirit, again thanks for the warm welcome, glad to be here.