Allergic reaction to the black flame?

So something very strange happened when I did this black flame empowerment chant and visualization the other day. As I did it, all of a sudden my throat became scratchy, my nose got plugged up, and my eyes started burning like crazy. I don’t have allergies and I’m not sick so I’m wondering exactly what the heck happened. I personally theorize an energy block may have broken or something. At least the chant had a noticeable effect because for some reason I seem to be struggling with getting results from my magick. If anyone has any advice I’d greatly appreciate it.

I believe Raven stated in her original video that it could happen. Symptoms of sickness may develop as your body reacts to raising the energy. I can’t say I had those symptoms, but some of her students must have. She did state that you should continue doing it to get your body adapted to it. Maybe not do it for so long or just power through it.

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Whenever you work within the field, not everything is going to be a spiritual effect.

The day that I devoted my life to Lucifer, he left a mark upon my left wrist. It never went away.


It started as a red, painless burn, and progressed until it was a scar that blotted out my wrist surgery scar.

The day it happened.

Thanks a bunch!

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Here’s Raven’s video

This is the video I use after the morning commute and when I want to recharge a bit. It’s a 3 minute version of the chant. Stick it on loop and soak it in!

The one I used was a combination of Raven’s and Behemoth-x’s as Behemoth shared in one of his videos.

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I normally use Behemoth-X’s to extend the experience after the 3 minute one or as background during the work day.

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