Allegedly succubus

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense I suck at English spelling wise…, I’ve had alot of succubus experiences, like from at young age its kinda how I came into the occult… I’ve had them come to me a lot. I’ve
made alters for them… gained sum close relationships with them to the point where I’m really sad with a broken arm and they came and just wrapped their essence around me and asked if i was ok and said not to worry they will get the guy (allegedly)
So I no the name of a succubus even have a sigil

Just the communication kinda stop and I don’t know how discern rather its multiple spirits or just the same one
Side notes I noticed if I get attached to a girl, if I don’t kinda do sex magicwith the person the relationship seems to fail
I’m really just trying to asking how to know if its the same one all along or is there more

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If you think the spirit(s) might be a succubus then you could always ask Lady Lilith or one of her sisters - to verify and set boundaries (if you want them to stay in your life). If you want to remove them, then banish or also nicely ask Lady Lilith.