All the energy is gone

I’m having a strange problem, and I have done what I think should be done to combat it, but it isn’t working.

I’ve always read that your work will never manifest if you don’t do the work, so I have always put my all into everything that I do.

However, lately, I can have the best of intentions and the energy built up to do evocations, rituals, spells, etc. and as soon as I enter my ritual space, the energy and will are completely gone. I get overwhelmingly sleepy and cannot keep my thoughts straight.

I have tried cleansing and banishing. I have meditated, grounded, and shielded.

Do I need to move my altar?? Does anyone have any experience with this and can point me in the right direction?


Will- to want it to happen.[quote=“NxJen, post:1, topic:18006”]

What’s your sleep schedule like? Also many get drowsy in evocation, etc.


How about doing some work on your chakras or kundalini?


Not sure how chaotic you lean…but if you feel it just do it. Maybe have a traveling alter you can bring with you everywhere.

If I feel something I will act upon it…my home alter is just a “haven”…

It best to be advantageous and resourceful until you find the time and energy…but sounds like some energy working on yourself would be a good idea.

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perhaps balance your chakras


Maybe there are just times you need to take a break? Sometimes there is just an ebb and flow to a persons energy. There was a long time I couldnt do much of anything.

I usually use that as “downtime” to read and study. Work on hobbies and things I have neglected because I was so focused on my magical practice. Recharge my batteries. Let my past work manifest.


Try doing your work in a diffrent area. If it works, your usual ritual area should be cleansed. Also you should seek divination to give you clarity.

It might be an attack or just something lingering in your working space.

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You’re getting bored. Switch routines. Ive gone through this. If I do Chakra cleansing for too long as soon as I sit im yawning, then thinking to hard… which causes me to loose focus on not focusing… when this happens I will switch to say, energy work and making energy balls, and moving energy around my body… when that is up i will work on visualization techniques or astral sense exercises, then to astral projecting places. Soul travel.

Thats me, perhaps not you but I think you’re evolving which means it is time for something more… or simply different


Usually there are three main options 1) your over doing it and need to take a break from the magickal. 2) there is a blockage somewhere that needs sorting out. 3) You’ve done the magickal work but are you putting it into practice in the normal world.

If you need me to elborate PM or @ me :slight_smile:


I did recently start a new job that has me working overnight 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts. My sleep patterns have changed drastically over the past month due to this. I thought I was getting enough rest, but maybe I am not.

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It is interesting that you say this, because just yesterday I was searching through posts here looking for information and ideas on portable altars. I have been getting the notion to do workings when I am away from home, but by the time I get to my altar, I no longer have the energy needed.

I have wondered if that may be what I need…a break…a recharge.

I’m thinking it is something lingering in my work space. I periodically deconstruct and reconstruct my altar space, and I am going to try this next. I attempted a generic cleansing and banishing, but haven’t felt much of a change.

I know that my practice has evolved rapidly over the last couple of months. Sometimes I feel like my next steps are going to be very powerful ones, and maybe something is hanging around that doesn’t want me to advance. I would venture to say that there is possibly a battle of wills. Of course, I want my will to be stronger.

I have been feeling myself getting pulled into the astral more regularly as of late. I am getting the overwhelming sense that 1) someone or something wants to teach me or show me something and 2) someone or something else doesn’t want me to gain this knowledge.

I don’t feel like it’s an attack, but I could be wrong.

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It’s quite normal to feel like that after serious workings. You’ve experienced changes and you need time to adjust being somewhere else. It is very individual how long it will last. I can’t recommend banishings, but some energy workings can help, as well as more rest.
It seems to me that there is no one who wants you to teach you, show you or prevents you from anything. It’s time to decide is that what you are doing now for you or not. Take everything into consideration, your previous workings, currents you were dealing before and your lifestyle.

Good luck!


If you feel like moving your altar, why not.
I moved my altar only once when I started to work with a different current. It was a symbolic act, nothing more.

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Certain entities make me sleepy :thinking:

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It is an entity that is draining you. hehehee. I actually see him sitting right now just chilling in Lotus position. I was laughing because for some reason the image or association of a frog came to mind. Like a frog sitting in lotus position mediating. I feel like he is patiently waiting for something. But that image might be just to play with me and make me laugh. I don’t know. They do have a sense of humor. I think what I’m getting is, I am a guardian sent to teach." Ooohhh. He’s trapped.

When you go into your space put a barrier of protection around yourself so you don’t get immediately drained. (It won’t stop it but it will slow it down.) Sit and center and ground yourself and see if you see him/ Talk to him. Apparently he wants to get your attention. You could feed him something like an offering of incense, (sandalwood) a candle (blue?) with some blood on it. Honey or agave… I’m asking him…

The tired is him taking your energy… Do you take your barrier around your ritual space down? Maybe you need to do that. Well, I may be way off and IF I am I appologize but that is my impression of your situation. Good luck. I am seeing something green… green, he wants something green? Bring him something green. It’s not a candle… I just saw a clover leaf. Like a four leaf clover. Would that have any relevance to you? lawns? Grass and clover.

Well that got weird. Let me know what happens. He doesn’t talk with words. He talks with images in your head and knowing…


I’m sort of speechless right now.

Weird, yes. All of it makes sense.

I will make a stronger effort to speak with him.

I know I am going to have to do a little bit of work to figure out who it is. I have asked for help from Belial and King Paimon.

I know…pick one or the other because they’re both powerful. At the time when I evoked Belial, I wasn’t really as knowledgeable as I needed to be. When I evoked King Paimon, I didn’t think he was there because I didn’t see or feel anything.

When I evoked Belial I used a blue candle and sandalwood incense. For King Paimon I used a green candle and frankincense.

Edit: the lotus position…I have not been able to meditate properly in weeks, and I typically meditate in lotus.