All thanks to Aphrodite

I did this ritual a while back but I wanted to make sure I give credit to the spirit even tho I wasnt initially sure it worked. I asked aphrodite to help me pull my struggling relationship together. I offered her perfume and chocolate as payment. The relationship did end anyways as my partner fell asleep with her phone unlocked and I noticed she was indeed cheating on me. I see this as the goddess showing me this relationship wasn’t good for me. I didn’t get what I wanted but I did gain insight, which was enough for me.
Hail Aphrodite!


Aphrodite can turn you from pining after someone to suddenly feeling like you deserve better. Venus is all about assessing the true value of what you desire and looking within to become worthy of attracting those resources to you instead of needing to actively pursue them. Hail Aphrodite!

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I am happy that everything later worked out for you. You deserve the best.

It is not a payment for their service, but think of it as a way of building a relationship with the entity. Do not think it as a bargain.

That said, may you have more results with Aphrodite.

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Thank you so much! I never really thought of it that way. Very insightful

Thanks for your response! I will take note of this.