All petty needs/revenge motives aside; Best way to help a child get back home?

Custody battle and unknown ‘home’ environment.
Long story short, due to medical problems, a horrific divorce, a sneaky signature for full custody when birth mother was told was temporary. Being raked over the coals for another custody hearing. Birth mother and husband are great loving people.
Child may be in a bad situation and wants to be back with birth mother.

My petty needs or others petty needs aside, best way to make it so with only two days to come up with 3000 lawyer fee for the motion of custody hearing?


Would appreciate names of spirits that honor justice, fair play, family, and children.

Ones that can cough up cash out of nowhere not into bank account but cash in hand as a gift. Family kept safe and not tampered with.

Birth mother and husband are non drinkers, not drug users, hard workers.
Other current family not so much.

Andromalius and Orobas lept to mind as well as Belial.

Or, would other spirits be better put to the tasks?

I would say Belial


Call on Kings Paimon Belial and Vine at the same time to all work together for this.

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Tyr and Freyja/Frigga (not everyone believes that Freyja and Frigga are the same as I do) in the Norse pantheon. Thor might also be a good deity to call on as he loves children and serves to protect those of Midgard. I’ll echo @Serpent and suggest Belial. Lucifer and Buer are options as well.