All Over The Place...Advice?

Just seeking advice… All are welcome to offer their opinion.

I am in a relationship with a person whom I fell hard for. This guy had everything, magnetic personality, charm, sexual chemistry off the charts. The issue is he only calls me when he needs something. He is not sexually monogamous, neither am I so that isn’t the issue. He has a regular “Friends with Benefits” whom I just cannot stand for some reason. This guy is covered in negativity and for some reason my love interest is enamored with him.
We have friends in common and he is always bragging about the great sex, he takes him to parties, all his friends know him etc. He’s told me several times that he is not in love with this guy but I’m convinced he is. I know that the FWB wants a relationship with my friend but my friend has told him “I am not a relationship person”. He’s also told me that even though they are friends he and his FWB do not see eye to eye on so many levels, he loves me because I’m smart, and we have similar interests. I have asked him why he wont introduce me to his friends and he says that he doesn’t want his friends to know about me because I am married and he is embarrassed. I get it, and I stopped pushing the issue.
My issue now is the constant use and degradation. When he is with his buddy he will not text, call or any communication. If he and I go to dinner he will be on his phone checking text messages, checking his Grindr app etc.
I still love him, actually I was in love with him at one point but now I am just getting tired of the bullshit.
I could curse him but there’s a catch, he suffers from MS and I don’t feel he deserves more shit on him. I think I also inadvertently cursed him, from the rage of an argument we had one time due to his buddy, this in turn caused 3 new lesions to form on his brain. It may or may not have been me, who knows.
I know I also cursed his FWB, the kid has had nothing but a run of horrible luck. I can honestly say I totally despise this kid, and I don’t even know him.
He has also been so nasty to me recently, I sent him a text a few days ago asking if he was okay because I had not heard anything from him all day Saturday. His reply to me was “I don’t have to fk!ng text you if I don’t want to, so get that right”
My questions is, as simple as it sounds, what the hell should I do?
I want him to hurt the way I feel hurt, yeah am I butt sore? Perhaps.
I was going to create a spell to make his FWB finally meet and fall in love with another guy, thereby leaving him alone.
I’d appreciate any advice, comments or even suggestions for magick.

Thank you all in advance.


Dude, really, you’re going to get this bent out of shape over a guy, more importantly, a guy that doesn’t really have more than a passing interest in you?

I understand, whenever we fall in love, we turn into blithering idiots, but maybe, he needs to go somewhere else to get his rocks off, and you can go ahead and find a guy that’s worthy of your time.

Edit to add, if I was on a date with a guy, and he was looking at Grindr, I shove that fucking phone up his ass and I pull it out of his throat.


I agree, the more I think about it the more he’s not worth my time or effort. I do have to add, as well. I did teach him some magick. I cant help but wonder if he used against me, to bind me to him. That’s my one area I’m not good in, divination in order to find out.

(Edited post, it was not constructive upon re-reading, and I am not happy with it. Apologies to @SonofMorningstar)


Step one, go find a glass jar that you can seal, like an old mason jar.

Step2, fill the jar three-quarters of the way full with tax, Nails, preferably Rusty Nails, screws, broken glass, anything that would really ruin your day if you stepped on it.

Step 3, piss and shit in it in order to fill it up to the very top, and then seal it with beeswax, or anything else that you have that we keep a nice tight seal on that bottle.

Step four, bury it somewhere that it won’t be disturbed, somewhere out in the wilderness, somewhere where you know that the only thing that will come across will be an animal, or a random Hunter. Make sure you bury it fairly deep.

This is called a witches bottle, it will reflect back anything that is sent your way that has negative intent, the sharp objects are type of sympathetic Magick in that it causes harm, the piss and shit are your negative energies that have a tie to you that will reflect everything back 2 bad people.


The whole situation is a shit show of my making. If I start to date he gets livid. I had actually met a decent guy, caring, would text me to let me now he was thinking of me, etc. He went berserk. Told me he was going to find out who he was and curse him etc.
It’s basically “shit or get off the pot” at this point.
Thank you! I know the perfect place to bury it too.

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The only comment I am going to make is that if you think “for some reason” is baffling, then whoah.

You may have a lot untangle here.

Just personal opinion btw, i think I may leave off here, hope you all find happiness & fulfilment. :+1:


Shit Show…


Speaking from experience, don’t waste your life on him. There’s men all over this world wanting—travel, move, get far away from this situation & he’ll be just a memory.

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you forgot legos lmao good spell :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Have you considered the other way around?
Have you considered working on blessings, since you’re in an honest relation to him,
and actually care for his wellbeing?
The point here, is even from an selfish angle of view that’d make sense:
Helping him heal, and become better, will change his apriciation for you to the better, especially when you make it visible - do it in front of him.
(even if to an extend that’s just show / showing off, the point here is he adores your brains!? he’ll adore you even way more when you help him stabalize health!)

Just a different way of how you can tackle this.

And actually you can combine that with seperating him FWB a little bit from him,
or just being honest and making a demand for attention.

Just bare in mind, since both of you are having polygame relationships,
to a degree his behavior is totally normal,
and he may demand more from you or shy back away,
due to you lashing out on him,
just saying,
becouse many people forgett that a little bit when managing polyamerous love.

your idea of sending a new lover towards the one which anoyes you is kind of an good aproach,
and makes me happy to see some good common sense in there.
I’d probably gone in the same direction, being in your situation.
However, you really have to get some distance to the “i want to inflict the same pain i feel” emotion.
It’s EXTREMELY COMMON, regardless of how people are related,
and usually when i look at people’s fate line, that’s an huge red flag moment.
Becouse usually the pain they feel isn’t the same they inflict on the other,
either doubling down on the pain they get from the next hit,
or simply messing up their goals.

So i really got to give you a word of caution on “eye for eye, teeth for teeth”.
It’s a very good way, to fuck everything up! :smiling_imp:



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i am in agreement its wast of time fuck um he cant see that the fwb dont really care for him then let him get hurt you tried right? but on the other hand i know how it feels to my thing is to agree with you to…ill tell it like this weigh pro’s n con’s

if pro’s out weigh con’s have a entity that can break this up break it up

if not the fuck it no point

do it if it will make you happy


As far as i’ve got it, Joseph is very capable of doing that by himself.



well true BUT…its an option thats open lol

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I would say start cutting cords. And do a ritual bath. I think he is using you…


There’s no doubt on that in my mind.
I just think he haves ways of using him aswell.

Poly tends to carry quite a bit of that.

Thank you for your input. I have done much for him in that sense. I have done healing spells, taught him meditation, even explained to him how to hone his gift, he’s an empath very strong. I also had a friend of mine who is clairvoyant and excellent at divination tell him that he needed to improve his skills and use mediation to heal, she also told him that there was someone (FWB) who has negative energy and is transferring it to him. I told him to cleanse his aura etc.
I have never given him anything expecting something in return, everything was and is still done out of genuine love for him.
What hurts the most is just the obvious feeling that I am being used, LOL funny thing is that I am not an unattractive guy. I just care for him very much.

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alright that fills in quite some details.

Now, according to that, i’d focus my magick pretty directly on FWB,
and indeed strike him with several blows.
Not just distracting him,
more like making him a puppet for someone with darker taste.
I’m sure you know someone in that area. xD
If not, ask Lucifer to send one.



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Thank you for your help. I really appreciate everyone’s input, just serves as an impetus to get my ass in gear.

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I was in toxic relationship where my ex had unhealthy obsession over me ,because I was young I thought it was normal and kinda felt protracted by him.
he would threaten to kill himself if we broke up
Before we dated he suffered from intense PTSD since his mother passed away I helped him get through theses hard time and he developed fear of abandonment
I casted my first spell when I was 16 I bought Male mermaid since he was pisces ,braided his hair into the doll wrote some talisman went to the beach and set in intantion that he swims gracefully through these strong waves
Next day he visited me and said that he relayed so much on me and now it’s time for him to face his fears
That was actually my first successful spell.