All I have is their full name and a pic

Wondering whether I can cast a communication spell on an ex who’s now married and wants nothing to do with me lol.

All I want is contact for now but all I is have is her full name a pic and her Instagram handle.

Is it possible and if so how would I word the petition.

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What you are talking about here are

Energetic & Fetish Links

A fetish link is something that relates, associates, corresponds, represents or connects to the target of your choosing. The very best connections are photographs, full names, dates of birth, belongings such as clothes, jewellery that contains their astral finger-print so to speak for a lack of better terminology. Potent links are also hair, nail clippings, or their blood as genetic and spiritual/energetic connections.

Sometimes they are circumstances wherein i haven’t even got their photographs, or sometimes not even their names or date of births. Usernames, nicknames you name it they all contain a dormant connective essence which can be activated.

If you have what you listed above, I’d suggest taking the printed photograph of the individual, writing upon the back of the image the name/instagram handle. You can charge and saturate these links with the persons energy too, simply holding your right hand above it. Closing your eyes, focusing on your breath and sensing the residual energy therein. Hold the persons face in your mind, envision them as clear as possible. Sense the residual energy of the person literally growing, becoming more intense, more profound as if you pulling the persons energy into the link and increasing the connection between the link and the person, a simple statement like.

“I awaken this (photograph/link) as a connection to (their name/target) i activate you as a gateway to their heart, body, mind, spirit and life. Through which my magick and power may influence”.

Once stated feel and sense the energy of the target almost solidifying within it, as if the targets presence is within the room with you.

This is the most simplest of ways of doing it really, sometimes links aren’t even a requirement but they most definitely do work.


This is extremely helpful! Thanks a lot @C.Kendall for this well thought out response. I’m defo gonna do that :slight_smile:

Never had a reply from you I hear your a legend on the block so I’m always appreciative when ppl of high order chip in haha.

Thanks again!