All I feel is bitter and angry


I have family issues. I was raised in a home with no love and grew up dealing with abuse and i want them to suffer as long as i have. what magic should i use?



Also, if it is a psychological rage, I would definitely recommend finding someone to talk to who is of a calm mind. They might be able to help you.

Using magick to affect others is definitely plausible but I’d recommend getting your mind outside of anger because things done in anger always recoil.


Don’t worry, I’m calm. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want vengeance. It’s been 12 years that i’ve dealt with them. I tried talking out our problems, but my “feelings and opinions don’t matter” so. But i appreciate your concern and i’ll be careful not to let my anger get the best of me.


For sure. It definitely helps to work with energy with a calm mind.
Someone here may have a better ritual or spell suggestion for you though.

I grew up in an abusive home and I think the one thing that bothers them the most is I don’t talk to them anymore.


I don’t talk to my parents anymore either. but i still live with them. and they treat me like a slave. i’m practically cinderella, i’m not allowed outside, i can barely socialize (no phone or laptop anymore), and i’m forced to do heavy labor. i’m trying to move out in january but they might find a way to stop me


Maybe look into someone who can manipulate your reality. Move you out of the house, find you somewhere else to go.

I’d recommend : Foras.




Foras can help someone become invisible and undetected to their enemies.


Ohhh! That’s a good idea! I’ll be undetected. I’ll have to do some research first and prepare. I’ve never attempted to summon a demon. I’ve always been nervous of failing a evocation or them taking over.


They can’t take over unless you let them.
Just don’t doubt your ability and focus on the sigil.

I’d definitely recommend watching E.A Koettings videos of live evocations, he does a very good job explaining how to set the environment.


okay :blush: cause i’ve also wanted to summon Dantalion for another issue and i semi chickened out? more like instead of summoning him directly i wrote a petition to him.


gusion for your self sabnock marchosias or dantalion for your revange get in a better mind set ask one of them to take all your energy from your pain hurt n tears take it all as an offering in exchange for revange n happiness they will throw what they did to you ten fold back on them with that energy

gusion can heal you n teach you how to love your self pretty much give you the peace you need


I’ll definitely look to Gusion for self love help. I need it after what i’ve been through.


she helped me with that i feel more at ease then anything now


I’m not sure how many people believe in Japanese folklore, but you could also try invoking your inner Ryusann.

That’s a lot harder than an evocation though, you have to meditate on the concept of your inner dragon being free.


I love anything that deals with Japan :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: i’ll look into it


One thing I can tell you that since I have started doing my baneful magick that I have not been sad nor have I shed a tear. In fact I feel better every day and I no longer worried about those who have hurt me or my son. I know they’re going to get theirs and it feels even better knowing that I’m the one insuring that they do.

Don’t take this the wrong way because I’ve been where you are (you know that) but you need to stop being a victim. Make people fear you not the other way around. It’s terrific. Especially if you are able to get close to a demon like I have with Andras. It feels so good for him to hold me and say don’t worry I’m going to make this right for you.