All hail Sir Duke Dantalion!

I have to as promised and from the gratefulness of my heart post about the amazing and reliable,
Sir Duke Dantalion!! He/she did more for me in the past two hours after invocation than I have been able to get from my ex in 2 years. I asked the Noble Dantalion to help me and I gave my offerings even though I’m new at summoning and I kept asking him questions he spoke to me through my candle and sandalwood incense I had for him. I set out treats and hot oolong tea and told him/her that it was my offering and gift for him. I never felt so happy about something or a demon before my first time and everything is already showing positive signs my ex is being playful and more agreeable with me and that hasn’t happened in almost over 2 years I tried different ways to approach him and different rituals and such over time and none has been this fast in movement and uplifting as what my friend the incredible Sir Duke Dantalion has already done. I am in awe I will definitely ask for Dantalions help again anytime I need assistance that he/she specializes in. I have the most uptmost respect for this intelligent Daemon More posts to come.
Thank you thank you
Avage Ayer Dantalion On Ca! :sparkling_heart:


Thats great yo!!! I have tried many times with this duke and nothing happened. Congratulations on your success


I think you just have to be very respectful to Dantalion like it was my first time. And I told Sir Duke Dantalion during the ritual that he is my friend and that I want to be friends with him/her…
And I gave a nice little offering and also promised a blog post about him. And before I actually involved him I left drawing his sigil and thinking about him over the span of a few days while out and about and asked for his great knowledge and help. So I’m not sure if that’s why but last night I felt him in my room and in my mind and it was great.



Can you please share the ritual you did in detail?

The last time this poster was here was back in Jan of 2018. You may or may not get a response from them, but if not, you can always search the forum for ways to connect with Dantalion. Good luck.

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Thank you for the update :slight_smile:

Actually I’m looking for any ritual that will be easy to perform because as of now I cannot invest the amount needed for the book