All hail Lucifuge!

If you have never worked with Lucifuge you are missing something truly wonderful!

Lucifuge, was kind enough to lead me to a treasure room back last summer that I am still reaping the benefits from.

Now he has told me there are 12. I’m only in the second treasure room and things are so amazing right now. I couldn’t be happier. Everyday there is something new to discover.

My little treasure chest on my altar.

All of my crowns and tiaras and other sweet things! The purple tiara on the jewelry box sitting on the white crown is the Lucifuge Crown. :crown:

My other goodies. … My Divination center :joy:
With vintage crystal ball and stand … Vintage book… A couple different kinds of tarot cards… Runes in the crown royal pouch. My fortune telling tea cup and my cinderella tea cup (a bday gift)
My cool old horn.

This is all not to mention raises and bonus checks and other things.

I’m not trying to boast or brag, I just want others to see how amazing Lucifuge can be. And the awesome part is Ive never even made a pact with him. He just shows up and says, "Hey Ari, you know there’s really 12 treasure rooms and then we are off on an adventure going through all sorts of things in a treasure room.

Lucifuge, is so much fun. And if he says there is treasure you best believe there is treasure!!

And Lucifuge has no understanding of too much :joy: he just keeps everything over flowing. And when I think I have found everything he is like oh no theres still more we arent done with this treasure room yet.

I’m so thankful Lucifuge, has decided to share all of this with me!! :sparkling_heart:

So I’m really saying thank you, Lucifuge! :sparkling_heart::bouquet:


I used to own a copy of the Le Dragon Rouge and was introduced to this amazing spirit then. Mainly, my work with him has in the past dealt with pact making, and whenever entering into any new agreement or arrangement, I do reflect on that period of my life.

But you’re right about treasure. I accumulated so many silver coins… And not just the monetary: I’m a sucker for old books, and I would find myself being drawn into rickety places, abandoned houses and the like… You’ve a beautiful set-up going on in your life and you can feel the energy working through the images.

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Yes! I love books too I didn’t take a picture of my bookshelf but I’ve definetly got a collection. The coin thing to silver and gold coins just seem to appear.

I love antique and vintage things, things that have history. And of course my tiaras :joy:
I seem to be acquiring it all in super speed.

Thank you :sparkling_heart:

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I can’t wait to get back to ‘my normal’ and begin the accumulation of magickal artifacts again. It’s one of the best parts about our lifestyle, the eccentric stuff we end up collecting that relates to our pathworking. Again, beautiful collection of tools and treasures! Thanks for sharing!

PS- If you ever wanna talk shop, hmu. Hekate is primarily who I work with.

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Your welcome! I was hoping to encourage magicians to work with Lucifuge it’s truly worth it!

Hecate, is a big part of me.

I noticed your from VA. , I lived in Charlottesville for a few years. But I moved back home to Georgia. I loved living there though, the mountains are beautiful.

I’m in Harrisonburg now, but here in thirty days I’ll be headed to the flatlands myself (in NC, outside Salem).

What new literature has come out in regards to Her in the past few years (I’ve been incarcerated)? I’m itching to get my teeth into something new but familiar and see how things have progressed while I’ve been away, so any reading recommendations are appreciated!

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Ive mostly read Michael Fords books that have information on her. The rest ive learned though Google searches and my own gnosis.

I tend to let the magick come to me and then see if its proven right. Other than Fords stuff I’m not sure what all is out there regaurding her.

Book of the witch moon by ford is good. It has some information.

It’s hard to find books that touch on her darker aspects…

I hope this doesnt sound like a weirdo question :joy:, but has your hair ever been longer or have you had long hair before?

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While I was locked up I had a top-knot, and in my youth, probably from 12-18, I kept it past my shoulders.

You should check out David Rankine or Sorita d’Este, they’ve got some good reconstructionist books. Will definitely be looking into Fords’ works. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Awesome! Thank you!

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So I have now moved from the 2nd treasure room to the 3rd.

This treasure room is very differnt from the first 2.

There are ten keys five on a ring. And two separate keys on a ring. So tweleve in all.
The keys look like skeleton keys and they go to doors in the treasure room.

I can unlock and go through each door. This in this treasure room. They go to other places. That even lucifuge hasnt been to.

This place has a very Aladdin feel to it. You expect to find the magick lamp. Perhaps I will. I havent gotten far into the room. I’m still studying the keys and the doors.
This should be exciting though. :smile:

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