All hail dantalion!

So after a month of cleansing and banishing I decided to contact dantalion today to bring forth communication and lo and behold not even a full day later she’s added me back on Snapchat at complete random!

Bare in mind this is the one that I kept going on about and thought she had protections.

It truly shows that cleansing ones self and starting with a clean slate and clean mind can create massive change. The letting go thing was so much easier and it’s just manifested in my face in the space of a day!




Congratulations, you did it! :smiley: Nice work!


No, thank you man! :slight_smile: I had to go through a cleansing process and banish whatever was holding me back and without the wisdom of you, and others on this forum. I probably would have still been battling myself.

I’m amazed at how fast this manifested and I just had to share it with you guys!

Not even a day!!!

it’s amazing how just letting go and going with the flow allows things to fall in to place. I’ve also not been experiencing any bad dreams at all, completely none since doing the banishings and cleansings. Feel so much lighter as well.

Thank you!


What’s the cleansing process and Banishing you did ? Man I was fascinated to your experience I haven’t work with Dantalion yet can you tell me more regarding to the Banishing or cleansing you did is it the only way to make something manifest faster ?


I was being harassed by a spirit in my home. Not in a physical sense, nothing moved around or anything. But electrical appliances would randomly break or lights would go out. I was also having really bad dreams of something chasing me around my home or seemed very demonic. And I think that’s why none of my spells were manifesting due to the sheer negative energy around me.

So I spent a month just purely smok bombing my room and home with sage and palo santo, as well as dragons blood and frankincense.

And all of that “yuck” kind of went away. No more nightmares no more bad luck.

So I decided to petition dantalion this morning regarding my ex to bring forth communication from her and it’s actually manifested the very same day!

All I did was write out

“ ____ ____ born on _____ contacted me because she missed me deeply. Thank you dantalion for bringing about communication between us and re igniting contact.


Once I wrote this on the paper I rubbed a pinch of liquorice root and coffee powder on the paper to compel her to contact me in a speedy manor and then I simply rolled the paper towards me and burnt it then blew the ash to the wind.

I had a red candle and dragons blood incense lit aside during the process and blew out the candle once the ritual was done. Let the incense burn down and left dantalion some dandelion tea on my altar for him. :slight_smile:

That’s it.


See what happens when you step back and follow the advice given here? We don’t just talk to hear ourselves talk, we genuinely care & want to help. This is awesome news, it’s always great to read stories like this.

Great job, this is only the beginning!!


Did you make any offerings?

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I did, dandelion tea :relaxed:

I heard dantalion is not really the payment after result kind of spirit he likes things done from the heart and up front. And he doesn’t play you like other demons might so giving payment up front and trusting him shows him you really believe in him. he’s very loyal to the summoner.

Also “uhum” this post was an offering to his greatness too :slight_smile:

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Very true and I appreciate all of you guys!
Also, I feel like dantalion was trying to teach me something…

PATIENCE. And allowing things to flow. He also taught me that the best mindset to be in when casting is detached and at ease in yourself. When you align with those energies you manifest extremely fast!

It truly shows the power behind being at peace with oneself. Most struggles come from within and not externally, its how we view things.

I feel like this is why he stepped back and allowed me to make mistakes for so long, in other to teach me the value of forgetting and flowing with life.

He loves to teach.

I thought he’d abandoned me and felt a little despair at one point but he’s just shown me he’s always been listening. :relaxed:


Do you know what type of incense he likes, I heard the goetic demons all like dragonsblood but I don’t know how accurate that it

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Yes! I was burning dragons blood incense during the ritual and had a simple red candle lit for the energy.

Do you think tea is better than incense as an offering? Does it matter

And did you drink tea, in demons of magick it says you can consume the offering for the demon

What was your method of disposal

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I mean I guess you could consume the tea after but I’d personally find it disrespectful if someone gave me a gift then took it back lol. I usually throw the tea over grass or a plant the next day to give it back to the earth. I’ll leave it out for a day and then discard of it.

Personally I don’t count incense an offering despite it being one. For me it’s more to set the vibe of the ritual and to be a pleasant smell for the spirits. I’ll use whichever they are said to like but dragons blood seems to be a favourite of dantalion :sweat_smile:

I’ll usually offer tea and gratitude as an offering or a few chocolates.

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