All Hail Bune & King Paimon!

More details to come very shortly. All I have to say is Bune & King Paimon came through for me!!!

Hail Bune!!!
Hail King Paimon!!!


Hi Guys

I apologize for the grammatical errors and also the long post but this is just my experience and my way to say thank you to the spirits that assisted me

So this is the update on what i’ve posted on here. I do not even know where to start because Bune and King Paimon came through for me.

Okay so it started when i resigned from my old job because the job was fucking crappy with long hours and shitty long hours. So i resigned because i couldnt take it no more. Before i resigned i already went for another job interview which i pretty did well in. I was so confident that i would get the job that i resigned from the old job because i coulndt take it anymore. So after i didnt hear back from the job i went for the interview for i knew that shit is just falling apart at the moment.

I remember one day waking up feeling miserable and just downed depressed that i went for a walk to the train station just to get my mind clear and just hope for a job to come. I went back home and wanted to evoke King Paimon. Ive read up alot about him on the forums and also the internet and knew he would be best to work with (seeing that i am a beginner). I couldnt evoke King Paimon because my family came back from work yada yada yada. I remember being alone with still feeling miserable and depressed i decided to evoke King Paimon or at least pray to him. I got some beverage and chocolate bars. I said his enn and didnt draw a circle or anything (read that it was disrespectful towards the King) and just said his enn and in hopes he would come forth (also didnt had a sigil of King Paimon as i attempted a drawing but it fucking sucked and didnt had access to print from internet). My head was a bit heavy after saying the enn for about 15 minutes. and then i started to talk and confirmed to him that i need help that i need a job asap a job that would give me a stable income. after that i let king paimon depart and i kid you not i got a call moments after from a company i applied for when i was in that miserable desperate state because i really wanted a job. so i got the call and the woman from the company set an interview for me the following monday. I went for the interview and i felt it went pretty well.
(This where Bune comes in)
So weeks past and i felt miserable and depressed again because i havent heard back from that company. I read up on the forums to gain some knowledge from the left hand path and read on other people’s experiences. I decided that i would do a evocation of Bune because of how Bune can help people with wealth and getting jobs etc (also didnt pay rent for my family for food and electricity etc so i was really in a pickle and in need of money knowing they would either send me back home to my parents in another city if i didnt get a job or rent money soon). I remember one sunday i sat on my bed drew Bune’s sigil and meditated on it (the easy one to draw you guys would know which one im talking about) and then said Bune’s enn and also requested Bune to help give me a job asap and get a stable income with return to spread the word on the forum if Bune would help and also buy some offerings which i’ve read on that Bune accepted or whatever feels right at the moment. Few weeks past again and still no sign of nothing and then i decided to just apply for jobs whether part time or full time just to get income to pay rent and shit. I did another evocation this time with salt circle just for protection and to keep energy focused. I didnt had candles cause i couldnt even afford that and just made the circle with salt and meditated on the sigil and played Bune’s enn on my phone after a while i didnt feel nothing and started to say my request same as before with the help i’ll spread the word out on the forum and buy some offerings as a thank you to Bune. Few days later I got a part time job in my area and just went with it because i was really desperate. The job didnt offer much but still i accepted just to get an income. As i was at this part time job i received a call from the company i went for the interview for (the one that was set on a monday) and got the job. The work hours changed but still my request was fulfilled.

I’d like to personally thank King Paimon because i know he also pulled some strings behind this and also thank Bune for assisting me with getting a full time job with benefits which the company pays for in full. The salary i dont mind its enough to get around with and to pay some bills.

So thank you once again Bune and King Paimon

Hail King Paimon
Hail Bune

Looking forward to work with them again in the future and with other spirits of the goetia!!!


That Has to be one of the best and most authentic shout outs I have ever read. I’m very proud that you were able to maintain your head and stay calm through it all. You persevered with A sincere request and didn’t give up. I’m so proud of you and I to gave them my thanks for taking care of you.


First off, many congrats!!! King Paimon and Duchess Bune are two of my very favorite spirits. It’s fantastic! Please update us on more details if more happens. :ok_hand:t4:

Also, are you my long lost brother or sister? Our art skills sound so similar! :joy: Although, in my case, my drawings are so bad, I have to print them and then trace the sigil with a marker to make it even partially legible.

(Oh wise and mysterious @Verdo do you still update that epic repository of wonderful results thread you used to do? This might be a good one. :slightly_smiling_face:)


I would just like to say thank you to everyone in the forum. You guys are so supportive and am grateful to have joined a community like this.

So thank you all for posting and sharing your experiences on this journey :wink::+1:t4:

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Marvellous! Particular like the part when the call came through moments later!:slight_smile:

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