All Fans of Astrology... Come Over Here!

Famed astrologer JoJo Savard is still alive, and does upload weekly astrology capsules. Check it out!

She’s really good! See these capsules:

On Lady Gaga

On Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp

JoJo was very famous in the nineties. Her 1-900 line would get up to 2000 calls per day! But a scandal emerged regarding how easily were her psychics hired.

In French
Pub Québec - Jojo Médium

In English
JoJo Savard Commecial 1992

This week’s forecast:

Jesus christ E.I
There are many many others on you tube to choose and you pick her?
This is what i like to see.Not the serious looking astrologer who’s trying to convince you that he has the gift.
Awesome disco outfit and she’s lovely.And honestly i couldn’t expect something like this to be brought here.I don’t give a shit about her talent or her work,but i have to admit she’s cute.

Cute huh? She’s what I imagine Courtney Love would look like if she gave less fucks about herself than she already does.

Damn bro that’s cold! ROFLMAO xD

She looks like like the Goddes Aphrodite from XENA or HERCULES tv series in a disco-out of space look…

I got motion sickness from those snowflakes…