I was on some sort of manifestation work recently but unluckily it was a failure because of lack in concentration and ,the reason I made this post, problem in grounding. I think I missed something about it. Thinking you got some important info about grounding I need to know or maybe any idea you got in there to help me get the best out of grounding. thanks in advance for any words you would give.

Was the rgounding problem after the working was complete?

Or was it during the work?

If it was afterwards, taking a walk round the block, eating something nourishing, drinking some alcohol, or something like that helps - if it was during the work you felt ungrounded, visualise a line of energy stretch from the base of your spine, down your legs, into your feet and then into the earth, like tree roots, imagine you and the earth, the cosmos, all things are emanating from the strength of your own spine, rooted firmly and grounded in the earth, and your will is able to make reality spin like a plate on your hand.

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it’s during the work.
thanks again, had the grasp on your words.

The tree roots visualization method mentioned by Eva is a tried and true method. Simple but effective.

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I tried that in my last scrying session and it improved my sacred space.I not only felt energy underneath me i felt like a circle was continually spinning around me.

It’s good some friends asked me to accompany them to a tour yesterday.( Now I can see the change again, great oppurtunities shower unto me.) So, I had the best chance to connect with nature. So good, how it feels. I’ve tried the suggested technique, separate for now from the work I mentioned, and WOW, i’ve felt strong vibrations eventhough I don’t have the developed ability to. Thanks again for that Lady Eva, it’s a great idea to have.

I’d like to share the benefits of successful grounding that I had just noticed after then.

*vivid vision- I was so amazed by the clear vision I got during mental travels. I already can see clearly in details of everything around.
*cheers you up- it made a change in my feeling, never feel drained and more positive outlook.

  • effects to events- events tend to allign with my desires
    *psycological- my perceptions were improved, can feel the forces around me better and the pull of something that i think brings me nearer to the truth of life.

I didn’t think of effects like these before my try but then it amazed me how beneficial the grounding is after the change it made.