Alignment with Marbas

As many of you know, Marbas is the 5th spirit of the Goetia, a great President of Hell. I am beginning to believe that I have some sort of strange connection to him, as my desires align almost perfectly with his offices. I am a PhD student in medical biochemistry; he cures diseases. I am also extremely interested in physical shapeshifting; he can “change men into other shapes”. Is this luck that he aligns so well, or something more?

About a week ago, I had a dream that I saw a human face with lion features (how Marbas appears sometimes) that had both masculine and feminine qualities. I don’t know if it means anything, but figured I should mention it.

What are the chances that Marbas has been trying to connect with me and that I’m too spiritually inept to hear the ringing?


I’d say it’s very likely, Many spirits begin manifesting in magicians lives long before they are consciously aware they even want to summon them.

And don’t think of it as being spiritually inept because your not, but just like a biological muscle if your not used to working it naturally it will feel difficult at first.

Marbas is an excellent spirit to begin working with on a regular basis, no only is he the very wise he’s damn near patience incarnate.


Indeed, yes. I would kill to have him audibly speak to me.

Point taken, but where do I begin? Would a good start be the Etsel Mala’kel summoning incantation in the 4 Incantations article by EA Koetting? Or something else? Major league newbie here… my knowledge begins and ends at enns.

I think its time for you to grab a grimoire and start evoking…

If you’re in medical field and marbas is one the great healer apart from Archangel Raphael… What do you think he wants to work with you…!!? Take the chance and start the journey…


There are many options…

My self I have used those audio/video enns to summon spirits with full of success…what I do is to play the enn while I put my concentration towards it…and the task that I want the spirit to perform I might say it aloud when the enn chanting started or I might just keep it in my heard while I listen to the enn…

So if what you need is guidance from him on where you should start …just say it aloud or keep it in your mind while your concentrating listening to the enn…

Another great way is invocation… Goetia by Michael W.Ford has a great invocation ritual you can grab your book …I have used it a lot of times and i m still using it now to invoke angels and demons…God $ Goddesses… And it work just fine…

But sometimes you might invoke and feel nothing or you might believe a spirit is not there but the only thing to do is believe in what the voice in your mind is telling you…

Just three days ago I invoked Archangel Mariel and what I heard I started to have self doubt so after the ritual I go and prove it …well the results were astonishing… So NEVER ALLOW SELF DOUBT TO KILL YOUR MAGIC…because you will encounter it in one occasion or other…

I hope I have been in some help to you…

You’ve been a lot of help - thank you for all of the advice! I will give this a try when I have a chance.

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I’ve read in another thread that some demons (such as Paimon) hate their enns. Considering this, what would the best incantation(s) be for summoning Marbas?

He has a song made for him I believe it is called King Paimon by overwulf his energy is all over it one time I was showing a friend and he showed up

Oops, sorry, I meant for summoning Marbas. I’ve revised my post.

E.A has a chant to call any spirit forth
I believe this is a good link for it learn the Kama Kala one it’s the one I am talking about

was a bad link my bad better one