Aliens Anyone?

Here’s the latest that’s been going on in my crazy world. This is pretty strange but in the last month I’ve had two profound alien abduction experiences that I’m trying to wrap my mind around. First off, I’m not saying that I got abducted because there are many ways to explain this scientifically and debunk the experience as a whole but I’m trying to keep an open mind due to the fact that my experience corresponds with those who claim to have been abducted. I also want to mention that this has never happened to me before and I actually brought this on myself by trying to communicate with these beings by means of evocation and paranormal equipment that’s said to contact “them”.

First off I’m going to start with the ritual. There was nothing really special about it aside from it being outside and a blind evocation with a “ghost box” placed in the Triangle of Manifestation. I utilized the evocation method given in WoD because I felt it would better suit this operation if I called upon the powers of darkness and channeled the dark energy of the cosmos into my device since it was something that dwelt within the cosmos at an unspecified origin that I wanted to contact. After I charged the ghost box with the icy energy of the cosmos I began to ask it a series of questions. I got nothing but garble and weird chirping noises that I’ve never herd come through my device before. Before I closed the ritual, I told “them” to find me.

Weeks went by and I soon forgot about the ritual and my curiosity of the matter had long faded. When I least expected it, that’s when I experienced “them”. I was in the midst of a lucid dream and something snapped me awake. Instead of waking up in my bed I woke up in some sort of contraption that resembled an operating table. Three amphibian looking grey aliens were standing over me and began speaking to me telepathically. This calmed me and they explained to me that they were going to keep tabs on me and study me in the same way that us humans tag and study animals. This is when they pulled me out of body and they started to perform surgery on me. I was etherically standing next to them as they drilled a hole in my neck right below my left ear. As the blood started pouring down my neck and I started to feel pain, I snapped awake in bed and ran to the bathroom to check my neck.

The second experience was somewhat the same but it was different. I was lucid dreaming again, going about building my empire and I became paralyzed for no reason. My dream fell apart and I woke up in an operating room again. This time they were not very friendly. They shackled my arms to some device and this weird looking machine jammed a metal rod into both of my forearms removing tissue and bone. Again as this happened and as I felt the pain I woke up in a panic. This time I was in pretty severe pain. It felt like my arms got slammed in a car door or something to that extreme. This is the first time I’ve actually experienced pain in my waking life from a dream.

Seriously, I don’t know what this is but it’s interesting to say the least. Like I said I’m keeping an open mind because this is different from anything I’ve experienced with the Goetia or The Shadow Self that dwells within ones’ subconscious. Perhaps this is some other aspect of myself that hasn’t been explored. It might even be what one would consider the Demiurge. Whatever it may be I think it’s pretty neat to experience something this profound and intense. What do you think?

Wow, I for one have no ideas on that, but I’m curious - did you notice any changes in your body at those locations, or your overall health after that stuff?

No changes whatsoever except for the localized pain after the second incident. I’m not sure what to make of this due to the lack of physical evidence. Since the evidence is lacking the only thing I can think of is sleep paralysis or perhaps some beings unknown to me repairing my energetic body?

I went lucid one time and i found my self paralyzed in a table.There was a doctor (a human one) smiling at me.All my senses were frozen and the good thing is that i couldn’t feel fear…I knew he wasn’t a Doctor or human at all.I told him and he smiled again,telling me yes…
Then he said:Don’t worry.It’s for good…You’ll feel nothing…I promise.
He injected something in my blood and then everything were starting to fade away…Just one second before the black out i saw that he wasn’t alone.They were four of them…
And then i fell asleep inside my dream,It was exactly like the sleep before a surgical operation.I could feel that i was drugged in a coma condition,knowing that i’m inside a dream within a dream and sooner or later i’ll wake up in the mundane reality.I’m not sure if they were aliens,but it wasn’t an ordinary dream for me.

I’d say that second group knew thine first aliens basically claimed thou nu weren’t liking that.

Well, I personally believe there are no aliens anywhere near earth. The ideas of what aliens should look like seems to be how ‘aliens’ appear, which is a bit too suspicious to me. As one guy said, if aliens are here, they are total dicks.

As for the pain, sounds like more than the average lucid dream to me, more like an incubo. A type of dream designed to strike fear in the subject, I would describe as an attack. Could be a random attack, sent from someone or internal.

Very Interesting, thank you for sharing your experience.
I would agree that your experience is either a form of sleep paralysis as you said, c.j. lee. Or it my be an attack as Magrimur suggested.

Did you do a reading on what it meant for you - positive or negative?

I had my suspicions on what it meant to me and I’m pretty sure I’m right when I say that it’s simply a manifestation of the shadow self/side of my psych. The lucid dreamer’s ego usually interprets messages from the shadow self out of fear. The aliens holding me against my will and performing medical experiments on me such as tagging me would most definitely represent my resentment for the day to day life I have in the mundane world.

Work, bosses and general oppression are my aliens and tagging me like I’m some animal would represent my hatred/fear of having to be part of the flock in order to make a living. These are issues that I face and since I’ve been aware of them I’ve been having some fucked up dreams.

It’s a work in process but soon and I mean very soon I’m going to break free from my mundane existence as a 9 to 5er and work from home. This should alleviate these issues for me.