Aliens and Spirits

Oh yea it was @ErisKissedMeIntoFrog who said he has worked with them. Hopefully he can share more info with us :blush:

I believe they have much more developed consciousness than the average Human one.

Yup, unfortunately.

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Alien is such a broad Term.i mean some spirits are also alien to this place. Some came and settled here.


Because they have the term alien slapped on them? Even in new age ideologies there’s aliens that are far more primitive than humanity.


@Velenos, @DarkestKnight Einstein and Oppenheimer( theoretical physicist) were called in to give their opinion, drafting a six-page document, titled ‘Relationships With Inhabitants Of Celestial Bodies’.
Among the rest of their conclusions, they expressed agitated urgency to the President of USA back then, (Harry Truman) that an agreement should be reached with which the scientists could proceed to STUDY the alien technology. They were trying to understand -even in absolut secretism- the alien agenda, technology, and their implications.
Consequently, I can’t believe, that their consciousness can be lower than the humans’.

So you actually think all aliens are higher consciousness than humans? That doesn’t really solidify your reasoning for thinking such lol.


I’m taking about the aliens who could actually communicate with spirits, so about the ‘advanced’ ones. Who would be able to talk with them much more easier than us and discuss about different topics than " please bring my ex back" stuff :joy::roll_eyes:
@ErisKissedMeIntoFrog already mentioned something about the topics they re discussing with each other. About Business :thinking::flushed:

So Keel apparently was an atheist and didn’t believe in aliens anyway. He was perhaps of the school of thought that says all entities are projections of our own psyches.

In a discussion of his works, "A new demonology : John Keel and The Mothman Prophecies
by CLARKE, David
Available from Sheffield Hallam University Research Archive (SHURA) at: A new demonology : John Keel and The Mothman Prophecies - Sheffield Hallam University Research Archive


He may have been an atheist, but in his books (I read three of them, so I can’t be 100% accurate), he doesn’t say that explicitly that he thinks it’s all in the mind and nothing more. He offers a point of view that can be either accepted or discarded, and he’s written as much in one of his forewords, if I remember correctly. I don’t agree with everything he proposes, but I think he, as someone who’s had decades of research and contact with witnesses (even those he consinders highly reliable and trustworthy) has made some very good points that offer food for thought. I haven’t seen anyone make cross-references between ancient fairy lore, for example, and modern UFO phenomena. I don’t really care for his personal opinion, and I didn’t get the impression he was trying to push it throughout the books, at least not in a way that I found annoying. His books gave me an interesting new perspective in a way I hadn’t really seen before, and because of that, I found them worthwhile.


Primitive doesn’t mean incapable of communication. Primitive humans drew cave paintings and art dedicated to spirits and most likely communicated with them in some fashion.

Though I honestly wouldn’t group us all together, what a person asks and seeks an entity for doesn’t make them any less than someone who seeks them for any other reasons.

Aliens most likely experience very similar issues as humans or worse depending on their environment and civilization. I don’t see how any of it contributes to higher consciousness based off desires of various humans compared to unknown desires of entire races of beings.

I don’t really agree with their view that they only seek business, sure it may be one aspect of it but many people often have these bloated ideas that aliens are either uber spiritual inclined with no desires or Uber technological with no emotions.

However, I see where you were going.


Yeah, I was aware of the view because I follow Thomas Sheridan, and he seems to think aliens are fae, when they’re not exaggerations. I don’t know if Sheridan read Keel or anything though.

I’m a no smoke without fire person, and given the images of UFOs in medieval paintings and ‘astronauts’ in 12k old cave paintings, something more than imagination is going on, imo. I think it might be a more complicated weave of ‘everybody’s a bit right’.

Like, yes, some aliens are physically from other planets, some are daemonic manifestations, some are fae, some are hallucinations, some are made up, some are hoaxes by the industrial-military complex, some talk to gov institutions and some don’t, some of out tech is salvaged and some isn’t.

With that in mind, I can’t propose ‘aliens do evocations’.

My only personal reference is a snippet of remembered incarnation as a Sirian, and in that, I was a soldier on leave, all I could think about was seeing my gf and there was no inkling of the occult, not in my mind or my surroundings. I knew I knew about non-Sirian races, but that was for a whole other set of people at a different level to deal with.


I think he said he’s not really sure what they are. I also got the impression that he uses terms like fae or djinn as an umbrella term for some type of being that comes from outside our realm, or from a dimension overlapping with ours. I disagree with the idea that everything should just get the label “djinn” or “fae” slapped on it, that’s too simplistic imo. I found his work on psychopaths intriguing and spot-on, and it made me think that there’s apparently a form of consciousness that operates against humans (broadly speaking), which might explain the huge differences in people’s experiences with so-called aliens, or spirits, for that matter: some are benevolent, while others are devious and manipulative like human psychopaths. There’s a theory that this so-called evil is a consciousness that is literally alien to the human soul, which is woven into conspiracy theories that the “powers that be” really are a bunch of psychopathic, “alien” beings whose agenda ultimately goes against humanity. David Icke calls them reptilians, but really, could there be something to it? Could there be an “alien” race or some spiritually low (meaning less empathic) being that has dealings with head honchos from world governments, or that has somehow infected us with non-human ideas that are detrimental to us? Or is this just a convenient way to demonize the uncomfortable truth and innately human capability of causing harm and being greedy bastards? Who knows. Could be both…


Ringmakers of Saturn, the Saturn Death Cult, and Messengers of deception, look up these three books.

Also, if you’re a racialist look into the work of Miguel Serrano since he kind of blends it, but I give a “trigger warning.”

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Michael Tsarion has some interesting stuff on aliens too, look him up. Though I don’t personally subscribe to his ideas.

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I definitely remember him saying that - I’m referring to one of his videos from the past year-ish and I’ll have to rewatch to see if there’s more I forgot, but I can’t find it to point to it right now. If I find it I’ll follow up.
I know his older opinions from 10 years ago are all ‘Mostly natural plus some genuinely puzzling things I don’t have an opinion on right now’. Vut that was when he was only just getting into researching it.

Ah, I did originally consider his account of that African shaman’s opinion on psychopaths interesting, but I’ve since changed my mind. It’s also a little bit too simple to say ‘psychopaths are incarnate demons’, and I don’t believe in demons, and if I did, then I’m an incarnate demon and I’m not a psychopath.

there’s apparently a form of consciousness that operates against humans… that is literally alien to the human soul

I’m not seeing the cause and effect here, but I’m not certain what you mean by “form of consciousness”. I don’t believe in such a thing as a human soul, at all - humans are just entities incarnate, imo. What’s different is the access to resources, skills and wisdom across the species.

So, duality of being incarnate will create this conflict all by itself, there’ll be aliens with goals that conflict with ours and those that don’t, so in that case, it comes with the territory - the fighting over resources, it seems a constant between all species.

Yeah I don’t think the elites need to be aliens to be psychopaths, that’s part of being this separated. I do think developmental brain damage happens to people so that they can’t connect even in the limited way most of s can to spirit, usually through childhood trauma. As such, psychos aren’t aliens, they’re basically broken humans. Actually some narcs and psychos can be very empathic, and it becomes a tool they can use to create believable personas (source Richard Grannon).

Humans are very good at compartmentalizing, rationalizing and dehumanizing people to justify violence, they don’t even have to have psychopathy to do that. It might make them appear monstrous and reptilian to others, but I feel that’s more of an emotional reaction. Ike was right about a few things though, I follow him but I’m cautious about him overreacting. A lit like Keel, and Fort before him, and Alex Jones, they all use or used the New Journalism style of writing with a mix of sources, fact and fiction to get people to react and think. They invite dissent to open dialogue, but sometimes that just gets taken at face value.

Or is this just a convenient way to demonize the uncomfortable truth and innately human capability of causing harm and being greedy bastards?

Yeah, I think humans can’t be underestimated. Like some underestimate that they built the pyramids by themselves, but as Sheridan asks, isn’t that kind of insulting? :slight_smile:

I kind of see being human like an extreme sport - most of the entities in the universe haven’t heard of it or think it’s insane, and a few go ‘whoa what a rush’ and takes the risks with the thrills.


That’s a good point - my use of “human soul” may have been a generalization on my part, as well as “form of consciousness”. I’m actually not sure if we’re even truly human to begin with, or whether it’s more like we’re incarnated in a human costume, so to speak. I have a tendency toward the latter.

That is so true. I find it beyond stupid to assume they couldn’t build them just because we’re supposedly so advanced nowadays, it’s extremely arrogant.

Thanks for linking the video, I’ll watch it when I have time. I haven’t seen much of Sheridan’s older videos.

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Great tips :+1: I’m gonna look them up when I want to indulge more into aliens :alien:
Oh I love whatever is covered by mystery and the unknown :dizzy:
Do you guys think a spirit you work with closely, would tell you anything about Aliens and if they’re indeed commmmunicate with eachother?
@Mulberry @ErisKissedMeIntoFrog @Lux_Tenebris @Manosman I think King Paimon would have a lot to say about it :slightly_smiling_face:


I can only speak from what He has told me, so whoever reads this - make of it what you will. According to Him, there are myriads of different life forms even on planets we deem uninhabitable (according to our human requirements). So a seemingly deserted planet could be teeming with life of various kinds we can’t imagine, because we simply don’t have a concept of them. Aliens can be the same as the faeries or angels etc that we know under different guises in different cultures, but there are other beings we do not have names for and that we are oblivious to. Some are oblivious to us. Something interesting He said was that these entities are mostly not above us, and to not make the mistake of believing they’re somehow superior when they are creatures themselves, and not creators, even though some of them have been posing as such. He was alluding to ”fake Anunaki“, as He called them.


I’ve seen some very alien looking goetia spirits. I used to think it was all bs, then I looked up stuff about starseeds a couple days ago after seeing it mentioned in a facebook ad. I really hate when people just want to shut down the conversation when it comes to aliens.

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What’s alien looking? as in not human looking or? because technically spiritual beings and alien beings the lot of them are alien-looking lol.


So you don’t think the human soul exists? That all humans are just different types of entities incarnated here? Or species since you used that word…and then give some examples of what you mean by entities?

Kinda like the human body is more of an vehicle or even interface for entitites to use in order to experience earth/etc?

Mind explaining? I find this interesting is why I’m asking.