Aliens and black magic?

Way before I had ever considered magic, I had repeat encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Talking to and being near demons is easy, I feel very comfortable at home.
The encounters on the other hand, were so intense and shocking for me I had literal trama for a long time.
It seems to me, that these beings do not care about the general population knowing they exist (mass ufo sightings). However, they are much more picky about who they get close to. Many years after this first happened, when I had actually forgotten about it for a while (probably repressed the memories) I ended up driving into the occult.
These beings put me through some shit most people would not believe.
so I’m wondering if any other magicians have had encounters with aliens. If so, I’d love to hear your stories and theories on this!!

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I’ve only seen the ufos around groom lake

Extraterrestrial beings= / = demons and isnt quite tied to magick let alone exclusive to it.

Years back I saw a UFO in the west sky and it met up in formation with two others in the east, but it didn’t traverse either in a straight line across the sky over head or in a curvature around Earth’s orbit, but rather as if it was traveling between dimensions weaving in and out of the 3rd visually physical dimension. (Best way I can describe it’s movement)

It met up with the other two at such great speeds it was as if the other two had came out of nowhere and just before the collided they started a swirling manuever. (In a fluid Triquetra) One of the people I was with pointed at them and they stopped dead in a triangle pattern. We all three also felt an ominous feeling of being watched like a million bloodthirsty eyes staring is the only way I can come close to describing the feeling that overcame me…

Next thing I knew we were sitting around our campfire again in mid conversation about something pointless. I stopped the person mid sentence and reminded them of the experience and asked, “What happened we were just standing over there a second ago?” At first neither person remembered until I told them what we had just witnessed and then once I did they both kinda went into shock. The person who I cut off mid sentence seriously started freaking out scared as I’ve ever seen him and the other person was kinda laughing a little just saying wow that was crazy or something like that…

I told everyone afterwards most people thought I was crazy. A while later an old Lincoln with suicide doors rolled up to my work and a “man” got out the back. He was dressed in old 1940’s attire. He looked just like you would think a Gman would look.

He walked up to me and told me in a robot voice that was completely non human in anyway to stop talking about it. I agreed and he seemed satisfied after a short earie conversation. After walked out the door someone came to the counter frantically asking who that was and what was wrong with his voice. I looked out the window at him and his head cranked all the way around at me. I made up a lie and told the customer that he must have been a smoker and had an electrolarynx… He looked pleased with that excuse and kinda nodded and got back in that old Lincoln and it drove off.

I should mention I never saw if there was anyone in the front seats and that this car was like it as out of a time capsule or something it was at least a fifty year old model at the time, but pristine like it was straight off the production line.


I also believe I have a memory of meeting an alien that spoke to me using telepathy and used some kind of physic ability to do what felt like my brain being crushed like a pop can.

Possibly a few other encounters during a time where my memory is messed up… The first story was from before my head injury so I remember it better…


First encounter was with a being made of blue light as a kid. Teen saw a 3 month period of missing time after 2 shadow men, and one fucking massive shadow giant were just chilling in my room at 15. Have summoned greys. Tried to self initiate with Aliestar Crowleys Lam. Had these tiny ugly dwarfish morphing grys that were transparent almost, who abused the fuck outta me for a good decade, which led to rampant drug abuse, addiction because i needed to drink my ass off to sleep. The ugly dwarfish greys (about a foot and a half to two feet) were exploiting my sleep apnea to try and suffocated me in my sleep, and forcibly sodomize me in sleep paralysis. Had 2 reptilian beings with snake like heads and silver suits just appear because they wanted to, leaving an afterimage cold to the touch.

My sibling was harrased by giant shadow like beings she called archon, which would lead to a mental health decline. Activity spiked after dropping off for 5 years after addiction lead to dxm abuse, which perpetuated my beleif they were really “extraterrestrial”, in which the dwarfish greys returned but would share information about events that were going to occur b4 they did. I was practicing loosely at the time, and more interested in psychic abilities…oddly, they weren’t absolute douche bags…Got clean, aint heard from em…dont really need them for what i want…

Some were fucking assholes, I grew to hate and attack them in my mind when i saw em for a time…then they had enough and left me alone.

The two are interlinked. Magick and utraterrestrials (because they damn sure aint from some other planet)…

When i first had an interest in communication with my HGA, a large being that looked like he was a tall grey, in a black cloak, with green scales on his skin instructed something to me in dream…Had not a clue as to what he was talking about or wanted…Angered him, confused me.

Um saw greys in spontaneous OBEs which they aided in two instances. Astral projection communions with greys and massive mantis like beings (the mantis had a greyish greenish hue) …Honestly, I took an interest in UFOs and aliens at age 10, and were more of a thing than even religion or spiritual practices…always been that way…

Dealt with them more than I think I had worked with demons…not always by choice…for a while I think the dwarf greys were being percieved as astral parasites…but maybe they were altering something, and the horrid sensation of being raped by them, which was fucking traumatic enough to cause my slip into alcoholism and abuse of anything i could get my hands on…

I think they are spirits or occupants of Earth, some from another Earth or version of it. Earth is full of portals and holes, and my house was a paranormal hotspot ( how many ppl see a nude doopleganger of themselves race a across the room and vanish into the wall???(Yeah, every place i go seems haunted as fuck)

My experience with so called aliens is much longer than the time spent trying to self initiate into the occult…