Alien technology

Has anyone called a physical alien to come to them and ask to be able to use their technology?

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This might be interesting. I know people who claim that have been abducted by Aliens.

Do you have a Plan to contact them?

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I’ve thought about it, but haven’t gone through with it.

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I usually am too busy telling them to leave me alone.


You can probably astral project and call them to come to you physically if they can hear you.

Otherwise you could design a portal to them.

No but I saw a grey at my doorpost when I was 17, while heavily intoxicated. The little bugger just stood there – roughly 3 Ft – and gawked at me.


I honestly doubt anyone has come in contact with a physical alien, at-least by the wording of “physical alien” usually would denote physical/tangible in your face alien. It’s also unlikely that an alien would be like “yo totally you can use my weird technology your mind wouldn’t comprehend it’s function”


Aliens are physical beings.They should be able to visit us with advanced technology.

Aliens are believed to be physical beings yes, it’s still unlikely that anyone here out of so many in the world will have an alien knock on their door and let them use their technology.


I heard that specific groups of humans trade with aliens.
People known to be from these specific groups claim it

And has it been proven? or is it hearsay? because most experiences with aliens have been the usual abduction claims that have later been claimed to be astral experiences. However, you see my point, it’s still incredibly unlikely an alien would allow someone on this forum to use their technology. If this idea was even given the benefit of the doubt I’d be more prone to the usual government conspiracy of the Government and Aliens sharing technology not Aliens and some random LHPer who wouldn’t have any knowledge or means of figuring out how to use their technology.

Then again it doesn’t make sense for why an alien would want primitive technology atleast the non tribal aliens.

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Do you believe in agartha?

Not really no, the closest I believe to the idea of a kingdom within the earth is how the Irish mounds are thought to be a gateway to Tir Na nOg. The idea of a civilization within the earth’s core sounds like neat, but never really been interested.

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You would need to consider the following:

  1. Do they have astral senses like us in the first place?
  2. Would they even want to visit us? Just because you ask them to that doesn’t mean they would.
  3. Are they friendly? Would they interpret this summons as an aggressive act?

Depends on the individual.

  1. Astral senses don’t matter since he said physical alien as in tangible naked eye.

  2. exactly there’s no real benefit.

  3. also true, because humans have group morals even if we deny it, and some might be against what they might have.


Or rather, the species being called.

They’re not humans. They are very likely to have vastly different customs than the other 200-something ones on Earth. In their culture, an astral summoning might be a declaration of war.

But I’m just speculating of course.


But @Etheric_Vagabond said that he was thinking of contacting them through astral projection.


They are incarnated i this physical plane so they probably have psychic senses, or at least the ability to develop them like us.