Algol: The Abyss called Hell

Ive been practicing Soul Travel with @Anastasiya and decided to a exercise from Eas 18 Flames course while i was just in the shower.

Its gonna be short, but i gotta get this out there.

The Travel:

I rose out my body and went to outer space to call the name Algol. As i did, my vision was directed to two giant white stars that this time had a stream of blue plasma running between them and rotating around one another. A wormhole opened, which was the ‘tunnel of light’ most people talk about in near death experiences, and i entered it with a inhale and exited with a exhale. Upon exiting the wormhole i entered a pitch black space with malevolent screaming. Among those screams were people lost and in agony (emotional), trying to find their way out. I could hear sounds of “Help me!” as i stood there taking in the scenery, or lack thereof. I also saw flickers of flame, and when i did, i realized that THIS is what the Christians describe as hell.

The Purpose of the Travel

To paraphrase EA in his 18 flames book, these people got lost there because it is their job to Ascend on their own now. Algol use to be one star that inhabited powerful magicians. But those magicians destroyed themselves by splitting the star in two, thus giving birth to what we know of as Algol.

I turned my vision back to outer space and immediately left that abyss and returned to my body. After I returned it occured to me that the Abyss of Algol is the place where Jehovah sends those who dont believe in his bullshit religion for ‘Eternity’. Lets break this down so we can take the fear out of Hell :smiling_imp:

There are(to my current knowledge) Three Abysses and they are Binah, Algol, and Naos.

The First Abyss, Binah, felt quite peaceful to me when i traveled there and i plan on going there again tonight.

The Abyss of Naos is a giant blue Sun of pure power. A ‘lake of fire’ so to speak. To the weak, it consumes them alive. To the strong, it burns away the dross allowing for the retainment of self.

The Abyss called Algol is the place where chaos is Assimilated. This is where Chaos magic comes from. They Assimilate the Chaos which then reveals the Order that lies beyond it. This is where ignorance must leave out the door and why we have the occult.

Jehovah plays on the fact that many people do not know how to soul travel, especially Chtistians. So he twists this abyss into a nightmare telling people that they will be sentenced to hell for eternity. In this context, eternity means:

Until you figure out how to Ascend on your own through Soul Travel and get the fuck outta this place.

How often does that happen lol? Never!

So to set the Record of Eternity straight and shatter the lie of “hell” once and for all:

The Star called Algol has a wormhole that leads to an Abyss whose sole purpose is to have the magician Assimilate their Inner Chaos so they may further Ascend and reach Naos For the final cleansing.

It is manipultated by the Desert Troll God as a means to capture the ignorant and trap them so they may not Ascend.

Learn to Soul Travel so you can confidently enter the Abyss and progress further to Sat Nam and the Formative plane. It is possible. Others have done it, we can do it.

Micah :v: :fist: