Aleister Crowley thelema and liber v vel reguli

Hey. I like to experiment so recently i went through my literature and found liber v of aleister crowley. Im not a thelemite and i know very little of crowley. So for starters i dobt know what things like 1-3 or 1=3 mean or symbolise. So i would like to make this tread so we can discuss crowley,his work, religion,system(s) and especially rituals like the one in liber v vel reguli. Anything goes as far as im concearned. Cheers


1-3 might be the battery of knocks for the grade, while 1=3 might be the grade for the battery of knocks.


what is this battery? i really have no idea

Im not entirely sure of it either, it seems universally agreed upon sound to signal the opening or closiing of a working.

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ok. gracias :slight_smile:

I think it’s a trilogy of books. The grading system looks like 0=0, 1=10, 2=9…
Good luck!


gracias :slight_smile:

Liber V vel Reguli is the official ritual and instruction book, class D.
Battery means a series of knocks or ringing on the bell, in this case it’s 1-3-3-1. It’s called a battery since it should activate the current and push the energy. The explanation would be quite complex, but never change it, it can ruin the ritual.