Alcohol with spirits

Is there I can be emotionally connected through alcohol? I’ve it before and the results we’re very real. My home is a huge attraction for many spirits. I drink a lot

Drink makes you lose a lot of control and, with respect, you don’t - NO offence intended - seem to have a lot of control over what’s happening to you right now. To do magick drunk you need the ability to focus and also you need to know what you’re doing.

Save your drinking for leisure time, and get some defences and ability to control what’s manifesting in your life right now, is my friendly advice.

Yeah, I agree with Lady Eva. You’re losing focus and control over yourself but from another side I think that actually alcohol could make you more “opened” to spirits by relaxing you and opening some senses more, but that still doesn’t mean that you should drink it a lot.

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I imagine some of those spirits get to live vicariously through you.

I don’t do magic drunk. I just communicate with spirits drunk. I don’t wish to attract any unwanted spirits. So what can I do to keep any unwanted spirits at bay?

If I was like a pretty 18 year-old girl, and I posted: “I just communicate with men drunk. I don’t wish to attract any unwanted men. So what can I do to keep any unwanted men at bay while I’m drunk?” what would you think?

Most people would think, don’t tak to men while drunk, they’re going to see you’re not in control and take advantage - so, one has to go.

I’m not getting on your case to stop drinking, that’s up to you, I’m saying that you’re in an environment where some spirits (like men round a pretty and naive young girl) are going to be hostile and/or predatory, your fear feeds them when they kick off with these phenomena, so they keep coming back for more lols at your expense.

I say again, keep drinking as a seperate thing, and communicating in any way with spirits for earlier in the day when you’re straight.

You wouldn’t drive, teach a child, or perform surgery whilst drunk - all of these require relaxation, concentration, and good judgement - same with magick.

Okay I’ve said my piece anyway, I’ll leave you to it. :slight_smile:

Good point. Okay should I only communicate with spirits I trust while I’m drinking or not at all?

Communicate sober, for now. Honestly you seem to have so much going on that’s out of control, that erring on the side of caution seems best for a while.

Get some Netflix on if you’re going to drink, or music, or whatever you do to chill out. :slight_smile:

Advice is free, so here’s mine. You seem to pop up here when you’re in the midst of a crisis. You ask everyone how to put out the fire du jour. How about instead, you learn how NOT to start a fire in the first place? I’ve been doing sigil magick for several years, but only in the last eight months or so have I been working intensely to contact “powerful” spirits. The reason being, I KNEW I wasn’t ready to do it prior to that. This isn’t a game. This is serious shit.

You say you can’t do rituals. I call shenanigans. You just haven’t thought creatively about it. I’m sure your parents sleep at some point in a 24 hour period? That’s when you do it. ANY ritual can be done silently, in your mental voice. The LBRP can be done without uttering a single word aloud. Meditation, probably the most important skill a magician needs, is done in complete silence. And you don’t need robes, candles, athames, etc. See where I’m going with this?

If you don’t have the discipline to start building the skills that will help and protect you, spirits are going to keep taking the piss out of you. Personally, if I were you, I wouldn’t interact with ANY spirits at this point, even the ones you say you trust. If they’re trustworthy, they’ll understand and wait while you get your poop in one scoop. JMO, it’s free, do with it as please, etc., etc.

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Alright thanks. I don’t know anybody that practices magic so I’ll just ask for advice on here then. I.guess I should cut down on drinking altogether. It’s not doing me any good at this point in my life

Alchool is altering your perception.Try something else that stimulates only the nerves like ‘‘Bach rescue remedy’’

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