Alcohol and magic

Where do you guys stand on alcohol and magic?
A while back I stopped drinking for a month and did some of the most powerful self transform rituals I’ve ever done: relating to both myself and stuff that just benefited me personally.
On the inverse I struggle to curse sober but curses I cast drunk are startlingly effective.
Do you think alcohol inhibits certain rituals but aids others, or is it just my personal preference ?


It depends on the amount of alcohol imbibed.

A few drinks can release inhibitions and free up emotions, as well as relax you enough to put you into an altered state. Before social drinking became a thing, wine was traditionally used as a sacrament before ritual.

We all know what happens when you have too much alcohol though. The mind can no longer focus, you lose equilibrium, and your anchor in time and space ceases to exist, which can greatly inhibit any attempt at magick

My opinion is, alcohol would aid any ritual that is dependent on the raising of emotions, such as a curse or a lust spell, and possibly a martial spell as well, since it shuts of the part of the brain that regulates emotional control.


alcohol is also a good offering and alcohol can have extremely many uses in rituals. The sky is the limit and you only have to have imagination and little bit of abstract thinking. I personally like to use alcohol that is flammable.


Recently I started wondering if alcohol may replace the salvia divinorum or if it’s possible to use a mix of it, nutmeg and/or common salvia…
( I already posted the last two ideas in the past, but this time I wrote the “updated version” :slight_smile: )

Really just depends on situation but alcohol can replace salvia.

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ALso there r some long term practices where touching any kind of alcohol or sex is a big NO-NO. 6 month guardian spirit/angel practice is one example of them.


I knew about alcohol but sex? you serious?

yea , i think sex is even more forbidden than alcohol in that period.

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Funny, you would think that it goes the other way around

Ah, hadn’t heard that one before