Alcohol and Clairaudience

I have had something on my mind for awhile i was told when I first started being drunk will help you with Clairaudience i have tried but to no avail and it got me wondering if it’s one of those only works for certain people or if it’s a certain type etc etc does anyone have any opinions in this subject?

I think the only reason being drunk would help anything magical is because it helps you to relax and lowers inhibitions, meaning that the internal censor that may block your natural clairaudience is put to sleep on the job.

The downside to doing magick while drunk is the complete lack of focus or control. If anything “'magical” happens, it will happen to you, rather than because of you.


All alcohol really did for me was completely shut me down spiritually in general. I tried different ways experimenting with different amounts trying to induce deeper trance and third eye work. Focus was total shit and I was never able to get anywhere with it. Finally just stopped entirely and I’ve had far better luck with things starting to develop.