Alchemy magick and personal alchemy

I really don’t know anything about alchemy, but I need to work on it and I have some questions

  1. The only beginner-friendly book who has alchemy on its title it’s “Angels of Alchemy” by Damon Brand, and I wanted to know if there are more books like this, or this is the only one (I search it on the forum, but the recommendations say “hermetics” and I don’t know if that book is related to “personal alchemy”)

  2. There are also some web pages on the forum but seem to be very old and I almost understand nothing of them, but at first sight, it seems that alchemy is transformation or transmutation. The main use of this magick is “personal transformation”, is that correct??? Or there are people trying to change objects or matter with magick? Just curious :thinking:

  3. There is a way to work “personal alchemy” with demons I assume, are there books about this?

  4. If a person is cursed, like…chronically cursed (for many years in this life or in many lifetimes) and tries to do “personal alchemy” (for example rituals to not be so angry all the time), is this alchemical magick effective or is not going to work??? (that person is not going to be able to see changes in their temper, because the curse makes that person an angry person, who is always suffering from his/her bad temper)??? Or the alchemy helps anyway?

Thank you :smile_cat:


I asume that by “personal alchemy” you mean changes in yourself, which is something that is advertised in demon related books but not often accomplished. Most books will promise something called “ascension” or material gain, they will rarely speak about self improvement, unless you think that being “darker” and “unholier” is self improvement, which is the criteria of some people and I don’t judge them if it makes them happy. That alchemy you look for depends on what you do with the demons, or on what the demons do with you, which is in both cases personal and cannot be sold to you

Some people have psychiatric conditions that are not related to magic, in such case it is better to look for medical treatment


yes :slight_smile:

hmm, so I would have to ask a demon directly?

Thank you!

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That would be the best option, provided that you already know how to summon. Hopefully you will find a demon that cares about you enough to help you with this. I always recommend Azazel

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I had the most weird dream about him lol I’m not sure if he is calling me or if he hates me :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I have one in mind :black_heart: :black_heart: :fire: :fire:

Thank you @MagusOfGamaliel :smiley: