Alchemy for Beginners 😬

Hey all! I’m looking to set up a series of workings to spiritually progress and get rid of some of my inner and outer obstacles. I’m not experienced at all in the principles and laws of alchemy. I’ve practiced transmutation albeit in the Qlipphoth. I’m a bit apprehensive towards alchemy due to it having a great deal of Christian symbolism and I’d like to develop a series of LHP alchemical workings for this part of my life. Anyone willing to help me out? I’ll document it all in this thread. @AdamThoth


There’s this to get acquainted with the basics of alchemy.


Just see that archetype as your perfected self, a Son of Man presencing divine power and authority on earth, you’ll be golden…

I seriously did a fuckload of work with people to get that archetype clean so anyone can use it, because it’s not going anywhere and there’s been some good stuff over the centuries by the brightest and best who had NO alternative models to explore, so realised the truth of Living Godhead within that paradigm.

Maybe read a smidgen of the early 20th century Science of Mind authors, they do LHP (man as co-creator of reality, no sin or hell concepts) but they often framed it within the Xian current, because it was the only game in town, and it can be fitted into some concepts there. :thinking:

Will PM you some links. :+1:


One of the best overview of alchemy videos I’ve found.

There is the both physical and spiritual Alchemy, with (at least mainly) dry way and wet way. The work begins in spring season. Dry way is based on the stibnite and operates at very high temperatures. The mineral must be reduced in an impalpable powder with mortar and pestle, dew should be collected, an “antimonial rule” made…
Another form is the merely spiritual alchemy; in Hermeticism we have Osiridean and Isiac way, mirroring those above. Isiac is longer (like the alchemy’s wet way) and based on purification of the “Lunar body”, destroying the mental forms and realizing an higher form of mediumship. In Osiridean more than purification there is Will. It’s more dangerous, the adept passes through the black and white phases, reaching the Mercurial Body like in Isiac way but doesn’t stop there. The suffering (endured in Nigredo) starts again, although in case of success, one achieves Solar Body. Here, like in alchemy, interpretation of authors writings may be useful.


I learn’t from a great spirit that there are two types of alchemy.

RHP Alchemy - Turning The Led Into Gold - The Led is the average self transmuting it into gold symbolizes the greater self.

LHP Alchemy - Transmuting Poison into Nectar - Symbolizing the dark alchemy by taking the most powerful yet dangerous and lethal forces and using that to better us, kind of controlling what other’s believe to be uncontrollable.

I myself am addicted to internal alchemy, changing the self, forced evolution of the body, mind and spiritual vitality of the individual.

Not sure if any of that helps even though it doesn’t have any connection with your post but still the ramblings of a sleep deprived magician :joy:.


I was addicted to internal alchemy as well xD. For quite some time I was obsessed one could say. Along with spiritual processes like invocations, evocations, and rituals to control and develop my inner self, demons and spirits led me to use rather simple substances that could be found in one’s kitchen to further stretch the limits of what can be done. Alchemy is a wonderful art in my eyes, be it chemical or spiritual ^^.


I agree with you brother.


Funny you say this. I’m in the middle of a project. Can’t reveal anything until I’ve either come close to finishing or have finished it. Only @Eye_of_Ra knows about it.


Yes, yes you are :joy:


@fapa79 Do you have any resources on Isiac alchemy? Appreciate your input.

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These ways are RHP, at least according to the Italian hermeticists I’m referring to (Kremmerz and Krejis), but it should be possible to change paradigm; for example about being at least partially chaste and saying Psalms (e.g. 1, 3 and 50) in Latin. One of the goals of this practice is that of causing emotion and use it to further the spiritual growth.
It’s possible to use mantras and mudras. One of those “gestures” consists of joining hands and imitating bellows, to alimentate the inner fire. Also, the adept should find the right degree of the fire to light inside him/her. In passive meditation, the mind is emptied in order to receive higher messages. There is the theme of “love”: love for the inner God, for the possible spouse etc. These are other fires, which burns the mental forms previously mentioned.


I consider alchemy to mean meditation:
Bardon has a quote in IIH - the body is a true athanor is which the GreatWork is performed.
And: the neophyte should concentrate himself absolutely on his body
And Yogananda has a quote - the only measure of success in meditation is the depth of bliss you experience

So my understanding of internal alchemy methods from Taoist yoga and Indian yoga is you have to do 6hrs of full lotus meditation with eyes closed and khechari and reverse breathing. And you must have perfect celibacy which means you cant even dream about sex. Then around 90 days you should have enough chi for your 3rd eye to fully open and will be able to see spirits and get very strong bliss. But if you lose celibacy then your 3rd eye will shut down again. But supposedly the secret of celibacy is if you sit in full lotus for 90-120min you get a strong internal orgasm which sublimates your sexual energy. Personally I’ve only made it to 90min in full lotus once and I did get strong bliss and kundalini electricity triggered at about 80minutes, but its very hard on the knees.

I would recommend reading and read all the articles about different meditation techniques such as sambhavi, kechari, etc. And is a good meditation forum to search topics.

My own practice is basically doing full lotus meditation and sungazing and some basic taichi which I’ve been doing for about 2.5years. It is pretty powerful - last Saturday I practiced a lot and had waves of magnetic bliss for about 6hrs where I couldnt really do anything except sitting in lotus getting bliss. I highly recomend sungazing because it is easy and even with all the lotus meditation I do, I would still attribute about 50% of my chi build-up to sungazing, and I find it hard to get bliss if I dont sungaze for a few weeks. I live in Raincouver so often the sun wont come out for weeks at a time.

And recently I asked a solar spirit to show me a stronger sungazing technique and when I did sungazing again the spirit basically told me to do reverse breathing + khechari while sungazing and it was about 3x more powerful than regular sungazing, I was wired for about 3days and could barely sleep. But I wouldnt recomend it to beginners, it will probably take my body about a year to adjust to this new practice.

Well thats my understanding of alchemy. Hope that helps


@fapa79 Would you say that alchemy is closely connected to meditation as @sunandmoon said? Is kundalini a way to practice alchemy?

Meditation ( kundalini included, yes :slight_smile: ) may coincide with spiritual alchemy especially if, in the inner work, one try to reproduce the alchemical steps: nigredo, albedo, rubedo, divided in further stages: putrefaction, calcination, multiplication, projection…
Kremmerz wasn’t a supporter of meditative practice, while Canseliet wrote that yoga and alchemy are different, but may be two ways of following the spiritual path… etc… and finally, Evola instead completely agree with the said idea.


You had me at Evola


I read the title as Belial for beginners :rofl:


I also dug up these quotes from ManlyPHall in Secret Teaching of All Ages in a chapter where he talks about alchemy:
The Philisophers Gold, Stone and Medicine exist in each of the four worlds and the consumation of the experiment cannot be realized until it is successfully carried on in four worlds simultaneously according to one formula. Additionaly one of the constituents of the alchemical formula exists in man himself - the paramount reason while the material scientist is incapable of duplicating the experiments. Paracelsus says: A person who wants to be an alchemist must have in himself the ‘magnesia’ which means the magnetic power to attract and coagulate the invisible astral elements. One who performs alchemy must be a Magus. Unlessthe greater alchemy first takes place in the soul of man, he cannot perform the lesser alchemy. Unless a man be “born again” he cannot acomplish the Great Work.

Another quote from that book:
To speak of that part of the mystery that is concerned with the secret life principle within the actual nature of man, is forbidden, for it is decreed by the Masters of the art that each shall discover for himself, and on this subject it is unlawful to speak at greater length

And Bardon in IIH also has a similar quote where he refuses to reveal techniques to master the life force. Note that kundalini yoga is almost entirely about mastering the life force.

And there is a book called Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality,
In the beginning part of the book the author notes how they changed the chinese symbols for lead, mercury, etc into words like spirit and vitality to make it easier to read. And the entire book is about doing full lotus meditation microcosmic orbiting, saying it takes you all the way up to the highest levels of cultivation, the first stage of the training is opening the 3rd eye with full lotus meditation. There is also an interesting quote (paraphrased): that at higher levels of the training spirits will apear to you and reveal more powerful meditation techniques to you that can only be shown and not written down


Anyone interested in alchemy could try working with Alkalon, the Spirit of Alchemy from Kingdoms of Flame and Eshtalishtu from The Book of Azazel.


I’m in the process of working through a few texts on alchemy; specifically, I’m focusing on plant spagyrics, or the Lesser Circulation. The Greater Circulation as comprised of metallic and mineral work follows a similar process (solve et coagula) but is more advanced and relies on the skills learned and spiritual evolution undertaken during the foundational plant work, as far as I’m aware. No need to overly Christianize things IMO; prayers to God as written in the medieval texts can be transmuted into prayers to one’s self as God.

As far as meditation; from what I understand it is fundamental to the work. To summarize, alchemy is a work of the head, hands, and heart. The head is the intellect, or necessary concepts that we must understand and learn in order to understand what it is we are doing in the Great Work. The hands stand for the actual practice of the work (calcination, distillation, etcetera): going from pure theory to getting your hands dirty. And finally, the heart stands for meditation, prayer, or any other spiritual practice wherein you connect to and are transformed by Spirit through these alchemical works.

If you have any questions I’ll do my best to answer; I’m pretty much a beginner in these practices but the more I do the more I learn. :slightly_smiling_face: