Alchemical Solstice On Dec 21st / 22nd

I thought this was worth mentioning – there’s a cool Solar/Lunar link over the upcoming Solstice.

For London UK, these are the timings:

• Solstice SUNDAY 21st 23:03

• New Moon MONDAY 22nd (technically, Planetary Day of the Sun still) 01:36

That’s 2hrs 33m between, and both fall on their own days (ish), so I’m planning some cool stuff in that period in between. I drew up a birth chart for the planned work (link below) and it looks very positive for what I hope to achieve.

I think the further east of the UK you get, the more those events happen on calender Monday/Planetary Day of the Sun, but it does my head in to figure that out too much – for the USA, these all happen on calendar & Planetary Sunday, I believe the Solstice time for NYC is 18:03 local time, LA is 15:03, and the New Moon is 20:36 in New York, 17:36 in Los Angeles. But double-check that, I’m not that smart when figuring this stuff!

Because Lunar phases and days of the week don’t fall on the same numerical dates each year, having the Solstice and New Moon this close, and both falling on one or both their calndar / Planetary Days (depending on timezone etc) isn’t going to happen too often, so it seemed like something to draw attention to.

You can do your own calculations here:

Solstice Time Calculator

New Moon Calculator

Free Astrological Chart For Any Date/Time

Would this effect someone born on 22nd and how?

Not sure, I’m not an expert at astrology but you can do them a birth chart (free) using the link at the bottom of my post, which btw does any date, time and location up to 2020, so you can map the influences on a future event that way as well. :slight_smile:

The specific aspect we’re talking about - New Moon on the Solistice - would only apply to someone born on the 22nd of this year. In other years, it might or might not have a New Moon on December 22nd. Also note that, due to various kinds of calendrical clusterfuckery, the actual calendar date of the solistice can vary from year to year.

Basically, being born on a New Moon means that the Sun and Moon are conjunct in your natal chart. This means that the solar (core motivation, ego-identity) and lunar (core emotional needs) aspects of the personality are essentially welded together. More than just working well together, they work as a unit. Whatever affects one automatically affects the other, and one side can’t function without involving the other. This will tend to make the personality rather androgynous, although other aspects of the nativity can modify this.

Now, anyone born around the 20th of a month will have at least their Sun (and in the case of being born on a New Moon, their Moon as well) near the dividing line between one sign and another, called a cusp. There are lots of different opinions on what this means, with some people saying that it results in a blending of the two signs, while others simply doing a precise calculation, and sticking with the interpretation for the sign the planet in question (in this case, the Sun) falls under. FWIW, I’m in the latter camp but I’m not religious about it.

If the 22nd is your birthday, the exact moment (down to the minute) the sun returns to the same degree it was in at the moment of your birth is called your Solar Return. Most people feel a little low energy a week or two leading up to that day, and then a surge of energy for at least a week or two afterwards. In this case, the Moon will also be conjunct to your natal Sun, which will probably show up as an intensification of your emotions.

Also, a neat thing about Solar Returns is that you can cast a chart for that moment and use it as a big picture prediction for the coming year, especially for “real world” stuff like job promotions, changes in relationship status and so on. I’ve found this Solar Return charts to be pretty accurate as long as you keep the focus on questions of overall strategy rather than specific details. This is also a good time to set a couple of personal goals (things like learning a new language, getting rid of a certain habit, losing weight, etc.), as your Solar Return is sort of like a personal New Year’s Day.

thanks for the idea eva! in australia we have almost a 24hr window between solstice & new moon so now my brain is really ticking over!!

Hope the work went well yesterday/last night for everyone who used this timing to empower their rituals! :smiley:

Solstice, lol.

Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen, Christ Will Come Again

Had to do it…The ‘Risin SUN’.